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edpy442 ch1


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outpatient setting
=nonresidental buildings such as schools or community agencies
=process of helping people make important choices that affect their lives such as choosing a preferred lifestyle
traditional psychotherapy emphasis
a. past over present
b. insight over change
c. detachment of therapist
d. therapist as an expert
psychotherapy vs. counselling
psychotherapy= longterm sessions (20-40 6mo-2yr)
with focus on reconstructive change
counselling= short-term sessions (8-12 in less 6 mo)
in outpatient setting
what managed care requires
=clients see a physician to be referred to a specialist such as a counsellor
inpatient setting
=residential treatment facilities such as mental hospitals
what managed care determines
=how health care providers, including counsellors, deliver services and what rights and resources consumers have to recieve regarding treatment
4 main theories before 1950
a. psychoanalysis- Freud
b. trait-factor or directive- Williamson
c. humanistic and client-centered- Carl Rogers
d. behavioral- Skinner
trends in new millenium
a. challenges of managed care
b. computers and technology
c. growth of leadership
managed care
=contractual agreement between mental health professional and a third party, the managed care co., regarding the care and treatment of the first party:the client
a. public school funding for vocational education
b. psychometrics
aka. therapy
=focuses on serious problems associated with intrapsychic, internal, and personal issues and conflicts
use of computers and technology
a. record keeping
b. manipulating data
c. word processing
a. diversity and multicultural issues
b. spiritual issues
c. regulations and accountability increase
a. Jesse Davis first guidance program in public schools
b. Frank Parsons "Father of Guidance"
c. Freud psychoanalytic theory
a. marraige and family counselling
a. trait-factor approach
b. publication of Dictionary of Occupational titles
a. new theories (transactional, rational-emotive)
a. human growth and development focus
a. community counselling
=diversification of counselling outside of educational settings
a. developmental issue focus
b. behavioral counselling
c. first code of ethics
distinction between guidance and counselling
guidance= focuses on helping individuals choose what they value most
counselling= focuses on helping them make changes
a. client-centered approach

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