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Pr 312 - Chapter 9


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internal publics and employee publics
both refer to managers and the people being supervised
downward communication
management to employee communication
upward communication
employee to management communication
face-to-face communication
primary medium for encouraging upward, two-way communication
what is the goal of internal relations
to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between and organization and the employees on whom its success or failure depends.
Organizational culture is...
the sum total of shared values, symbols, meanings, beliefs, assumptions and expectations that organize aandintegrate a group of people who work together
power distance
the extent to which people see inequities as natural and unchangeable (hofstedes 1st dimension)
The extent that people put their own needs ahead of the needs of the group (Hofstedes 2nd dimension)
uncertainty avoidance
the extent to which people prefer organizaitonal communication and structures that reduce anxiety. (Hofstedes 3rd dimension)
describes behaviors that are traditionally masculine such as aggressiveness and independence (hofstedes 4th dimension)
Open Systems
organizations that receive input from the environment and adjust htmeselves in response to that input
Close systems
organizations that do not receive input from the envir., and are less likely to adapt to changes
asymmetrical worldview
an organizations goal is to get what it wants without having to change the way it does business internally
symmetrical worldview
incorporates the ideas of negotiation, conflict resolution, and compromise in a organizations operating procedure
authoritarian organizational culture arises from...
an asymmetrical worldview
True of False: In authoritarian organizational culutures decisions are made at the top, and implemented by those at the bottom
Individual accountability
is stressed by an authoritarian organization.
Communication in authoritarian cultures...
is generally one sided, or asymmetrical, meaning management directs employees
Participative organizational cultures are based on....
a symmetrical world view that values dialouge and encourages teamwork
in participative organizational cultures decisions are made in a...
decentralized manner, across varying levels of the organization
Internal relations staff educates employees about compliance with government regulations... True or False
occupational safety and health administration
Internal Relations and the OSHA
one of the primary functions of the internal relations funtion is to communicate the worker safety standards required by the OHSA
environmental protection agency, regulates the disposal and transportation of goods, especially those deemed hazardous
Internal relations and unions
maintenance of relationship with labor unions constitutes a large part of an internal relations specialists work. These relationships must be attended to continually
which is better... \"we are still working that out\" or \"no comment\"
We are still working that out is better because no comment implies a bad thing
acculturating employees
introduce new employees to understand and internalize the organizational culture
vision statement
spells out the future goal and strategy of an organization
mission statement
The mission statement helps employees set priorities and goals so that all members of the organization are committed to achieving the mission specified in the statement
Employee handbook
most organizations have one, it tells how to implement policies and procedures in common situations
policy manuals
are generally exhaustive documents in book or electronic form that specify rights, responsiblities and procedures
Code of Ethics
it provides a guide to organizational mangagement\'s values, priorities, standards and policy.
the socialization process
learning the values, standards and norms of the organization
true or false: Socializing and acculturating employees are important aspects of internal relations
The grapevine
will fill the information gaps left by an inadequate internal communication program
face-to-face meetings
are still highly valued and a prefferred means of communication
Printed Publication
remains the primary media for internal communication
Organizational publications are directed to...
many publics, but the most common use is in employee communication
printed newsletters
remain the \"workhorse\" of employee communication even in todays age. Most common form of periodical publicaiton
Payroll Stuffer
a common form of insert that goes into paycheck envelopes, or gets direct deposit receipts.
Posting CEO speeches and postion statements online...
is a common method of communicating with both external and internal publics
Bulletin Boards
widespread use, and here to stay. Must be updated regularly and display rules and standards
Intranet postings
are for internal use because only employees can acces the internet-like system.
Hotlines or toll-free numbers
are also used in internal relationships for disseminating basic information.
most ubiquitous form of employee communication today is e-mail
ombudsman or ombuds officer
is charged with giving employees the opportunity to share their concerns and resolve them through informal mediation

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