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Recreational Therapy


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complete physical, mental, and social well-being not just absence of disease or infirmity
Quality of Life
subjective assessment of the psychological and spiritual well-being, people with high quality of life has feelings of content, joy, satisfaction, and self-determination
having the power to heal or cure
Therapeutic Recreation
Using recreation as a tool to help improve or maintain the health, quality of life, and/or functional capacities of people with special needs
National Therapeutic Recreation Society, branch of the National Recreation and Park Association, main focus: using leisure to enchance health, functional abilities, independence, and QOL
American Therapueitc Recreation Association, uses the medical model approach, mainly in hospital or rehab settings
Code of Ethics
guide for the actions of professionals and has expected standard of care for patients
Medical or Clinical Approach
Main therapist is the physician, all other therapists have roles designated by the physician, physician assesses the disease/sickness and initiates therapy, goal is to treat/heal/cure the disease/sickness disadvantage: ignores broader needs of patient such as QOL, health, and ONLY treats disease found in: acute care facilities: rehab, physical care, pyschiatric facilities, medical/surgical hospitals
Two types care facilities are
custodial care and long-term care
Custodial care
group homes, correctional facilities, long-term care for elderly purpose: to provide very BASIC needs that are needed for survival: eating, showering, using the restroom focus is NOT rehabilitation of patient -activities seen as way of occupying time and busy work -being replaced by long-term care approach
Long-term care facility
Focus is Rehabilitation of patient: resocialization, remotivation, and reality orientation skills -uses variety of tx to maintain or improve highest level of functioning/QOL possible -healthcare regulations tell: -what activities/services to provide -qualifications of personnels -problem: increasing aging population could expand and challenge the field
Milieu Therapy
used in mental hospitals patient's emotional problems are seen as result from unhealthy interactions with environment goal: change/teach new attitudes and behaviors for readjustment into their environment
Acquisition of skills and knowledge needed to become a contributing member of society
Community-based Therapeutic Recreation
integral components of larger delivery system City Rec Deparments TRS provides opportunity for client to select experiences and acquire skills needed to participate in integrated community based-programs
give a framework for selecting, sequencing, and organizing interventions
Leisure Ability Model
Primary outcome: improve independece and satisfying leisure functioning that directly affects a person's QOL and happiness
What are the 3 phases of Leisure ability model?
First phase- tx Second- leisure education third- recreation participation ****freely chosen and independently implemented leisure pursuits (up to patient to pick/choose and implement*
Health Promotion Model
Focus: TR use to encourage clients to achieve maximum health rather than just recover from illness -get actualization and wellness
Optimizing Life-long health Model What are the basic elements of this model?
client needs resources, opportunities, and environments, achieving or maintaining healthy leisure lifestyles, scope and quality of health and human service system available to the client
Self-Determination and Enjoyment Enhancement Model
TR services contribute to the personal growth and well-being through creating environments conducive to enjoyment and self-determination
Functional capacity
ability to perform specific functions in each of the five domains of health (mental, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional)
Health Status
status of health that not only includes physical health but also mental, spirtual, emtional, and social health
What are the five functional domains of health status?
Mental or cognitive physical emotional/psycholigcal spiritual social function
International Classification of functioning, disability, and health : standardized list of identifying codes and defintions of human functioning and disabilites
What is purpose of ICFDH?
Used by WHO, helps measure the health/disability of individual and populations, gives standardized codes for claim forms
How is the ICFDH organized?
Three levels to look at: 1. body function/structure 2. activities (daily activities-limitations to daily activities) 3. participation (restricted/restrictions as a result of functioning with disability)
What are two contributing factors of activities level?
1. environmental factors 2. personal factors

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