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Who is the CO of CNAT Pensacola?
Captain Charlie Code
Who is the CNO?
ADM Mike Mullen
Who is the Secretary of Defense?
Honorable Robert M. Gates
Who is the Secretary of the Navy?
The Honorable Donald C. Winter
Who is the MCPON?
HMCM Joe Campa
What is the first of the CNO/Navy's objectives for FY07?
1. Provide a Total Naval Workforce capable and optimized to support the National Defense Strategy. (i.e. Assure Naval capability and capacity to meet GWOT requirements through retention and recruiting.)
What is the second of the CNO/Navy's objectives for FY07?
2. Use the Navy-Marine Corps Team to aggressively prosecute the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). (i.e. Provide the Combatant Commanders the skilled forces for combat operations, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.)
What is the third of the CNO/Navy's objectives for FY07?
3. Build the Navy-Marine Corps Force for Tomorrow. (i.e. Strengthen the Navy and Marine Corps role in the Joint/Interagency Team.)
What is the fourth of the CNO/Navy's objectives for FY07?
4. Emphasize Safety, Manage risk to improve mission effectiveness and to safeguard the people and resources of the Navy-Marine Corps Team. (i.e. Improve safety performance across DON to meet Secretary of Defense Strategic Planning Guidance to reduce mishap rates by 75% by the end of FY2008.)
What is the fifth of the CNO/Navy's objectives for FY07?
5. Reinforce ethics as a foundation of exemplary conduct within the Department of the Navy. (i.e. Teach and enforce ethics and standards of exemplary conduct consistently, starting at the earliest career stages.)
What is the mission of the Navy?
The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.
What is the mission of CNATT Keesler?
To develop skilled professionals through accredited technical training and personal growth in support of fleet readiness.
How many active duty Navy personnel are there?
Approximately 347K
How many deployable battle force ships does the Navy have?
What local base did the CNO visit recently and why?
Naval Reserve Base New Orleans in order to express gratitude for their efforts in fighting the GWOT.
When are the Navy uniforms expected to be available for purchase?
Late summer 2008 in fleet concentration area exchanges - Uniforms should be available to all regions within 24 months of the initial roll out, according to NAVADMIN 351/06.
What is fraternization?
Personal relationships between officer and enlisted members that are unduly familiar and that do not respect differences in rank and grade are prohibited.
Where do you get the most current NAVADMINS? What are the top 3? GO FIND EM NOW!
Who is the Command Managed Equal Opportunity(CMEO)person?
Chief Rushing
Who is the command's Casualty Assistance Calls Officer(CACO)?
Chief Rushing
Who is the command's Sexual Assualt Victim Intervention(SAVI)person?
SK1 Taylor
What motivates you everyday?
I know the sailors I'm training and mentoring today are going to be the same ones to replace me tomorrow. This drives me to produce the best quality of technical expert to ensure our Navy assets and junior personnel are in good hands when I'm not around.
Who is our customer?
The fleet- It's up to us to fill the tool box of every sailors that passes through these doors which in turn will enable us to meet not only our mission but, the CNO's 2nd objective.
Why do you think you should be Sailor of the Quarter?
I think what I do everyday as a trainer and a mentor epitimizes what my peers should be doing. Doing the job day in and day out isn't all that a person can do, it's up to us to go above and beyond which in the long run will help the command and Navy continue to meet and exceed our objectives.
What would you change or improve about this command?
Staff- More command events to build commaradere between the school houses.
What is one thing that happen on this day in Naval history?
1916 - A permanent Marine base (later named Camp Pendleton) is established in San Diego.
Why is there talk of a build up of more troops in the middle east right now?
Due to the Iran situation where they continue to enrich uranium.
What does President Bush want to do with our current forces and why?
Increase our numbers in the Army and Marines so we have more people for the GWOT.
What is the newest warfare designation that the Navy just adopted and what does it entail?
Expeditionary Warfare Specialist- acknowledges the a Sailor with core expeditionary capabilities, including maritime security, anti-terrorism and force protection.
What submarine was just deactivated?
USS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN-709)
Name 3 submarines that just received the Battle "E" for excellence.
Why are we maintaining a presence off the East African coast?
Combined Task Force 150 is there because of the unstable situation in Somalia with an increase in the risk of piracy.

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