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Business "Terms to Know" Chap.4


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A set of moral principles by which people conduct themselves: personally, socially and/or professionally.
Business Ethics
A set of guidelines about how a business should conduct itself.
Factories that have unsafe working conditions, pay poorly and teach workers badly.
Occupational Safety and Heath Administration (OSHA)
A division of the Department of Labor that sets and enforces health and safety in the work environment.
Code of Ethics
A set of guidelines for maintaing ethics in the workplace.
Social Responsibilities
The duty to do what is the best for the good of society.
Conflict of Interest
When a business is tempted to put profits before social welfare.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
A governmental agency that protects consumers from dangerous and/or falsely advertised products.
The Equal Pay Act (1964)
Requires that men and women get paid equal amounts of money for equal work.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (1970)
A federal agency that enforces rules that protect the environment and control pollution.

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