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PGS 101 Ch. 10


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cognitive development
transitions in yougsters' pattern of thinking, including reasoning, remembering, and problem solving
object permanence
develops when a child recognizes that objects continue to exist even when they are no longer visible
Piaget's term for the awareness that physical quantities remain constant in spite of changes in their shape or appearance
the tendency to focus on just one feature of a problem, neglecting other important aspects
the inabiity to envision reversing an action
in thinking, characterize by a limited abilityto share anotehr person's viewpoint
the belief that all things are living
preconventional level
think in terms of external authority, acts are wrong because they are punished, or right because they're rewarded
conventional level
see rules as necessary for maintinaing social order
postconventional level
working out a personal code of ethics, moral thinking shows some flexibility
the close, emotional bonds of affection that develop between infants and their caregivers

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