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assimilation bias
view world through schema. categorize everything. change data to fit schema
availability bias
we have certain amount of knowledge. believe we know through experiences
Barnum Effect
"one size fits all" general description. horoscopes
Belief Perserverance Effect
tendancy to cling to your beliefs.
Dichotomous variables
opposites. variable that can be fit on one of two categories
Fundamental Attribution Error
tendency for people to over-emphasize personality and under-emphasize the situation. no eye contact-shy
mental shortcut, grab info fast to save time
Naturalistic Fallacy
define what's good with what we think it should be. personal values bias our thinking
framework of knowledge, beliefs based on experiences
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Believe what you hear, internalize info, become product
study of humanity. biological. cultural. linguistic. archaeology.
study of mental processes and behavior. wilhelm wundt-introspection.
4 goals psych
describe. explain. predict. influence
theories/schools thought psych
behaviorism. biological. psychoanalysis. evolutionary. sociocultural. humanistic. cognitive.
Sapir-Whorf Hyp.
people see and understand world through language
subculture/ counter
share same norms w/ culture/clash with norms
ideal culture/real culture
norms and values a society adhears to in principle/practice
ethnocentrism/cultural relativism
judge another culture by our stands/their stand
Karl Marx
Bourgeoise (rich owners)vs. proletariats (poor workers)
research ethics
no harm. invade privacy. informed consent. apply research how use? deception
cultural universal/variability
sports food calendar/technology environment
cultural change
innovation through discovery or invention or diffusion-spread
Hawthorne Effect
act of investigation may alter behavior or investigated
Merton. everything serves purpose
Symbolic Interaction
use symbols in society. mead
4 suicide
Altruistic Anomic Fatalistic Egoistic
scientific study of human society and social interactions
sociological imagination
awareness of relationship between individual and wider society

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