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Chapter 18 Real Estate B


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general warranty deed
highest form of deed in which grantor become liable for all possible covenants, or legal promises, assuring good title
the recipient of a conveyance
the person or entity conveying the real property interest to the grantee
habendum clause
clause in a deed that defines or limits the type of interest being conveyed
implied easement
a right of use not created by an explicit deed, or explicit clause in a deed. It often is created when a subdivision map is placed in the public records
conveyance of a decedent's property without a will
judicial deed
a deed issued through a court ordered proceedure
law of descent
the laws and proceeducres controlling howa state will convey a decedent's estate among hte heirs if no will exists
marketable title
title to real property that is free of reasonable doubt
marketable title laws
state laws intended to limit the number of ears that tiltle search must 'reach back'thru the title 'chain'
metes and bounds
method of describing real estate in which a mete is a unit of measure ( foot mile) and a bound is a boundary marker. essentially, a sequence of directed distances that are the boundaries of the property
special type of deed that conveys title to real property owned by government to a private party
plat lot and block number
an unambiguous means to provide a description of property that identifies each parcel in a surveyed map of a subdivision
principal meridian
a line of geographic reference that runs north and south in a government rectangular survey
state law that governs the disposition procedure of the conveyance of real property upon the death of a property owner

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