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Bio II Honors


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Epithelial Tissue
lines absolutely everything
Connective tissue
holds stuff together
covers all:
body surfaces
lines most:
internal organs
makes up:
has no:
blood vessles
connective tissue supplies:
anchored to cennective tissue by:
non cellular basement membrane
reproduce readily so:
injuries heal fast
mucus(stuff you need)
nutrients and oxygen
co2(stuff you don't need)
allows you to feel things
sensory reception
thin layer of flattened cells for filtration and diffusion
simple squamous epithelium
simple squamous lines:
lungs and capillaries
many layers of squashed tissue//bottom layers reproduce quickly pushing the top layer out
stratified squamous epithelium
top layer of skin harden and die to protect and block pathogens and chemicals
still stratified, but no keratinization
mouth, throat, vagina, and anal canal
cube shaped cells with central nucleaus for absorption and secretion
simple cuboidal epithelium
simple cuboidal covers:
ovaries, kidneys, salivary glands, thyroid gland, pancreas, and liver
kidneys are for:
secretion and absorption
2-3 layers of cuboidal cells (usually tubes) for protection
stratified cuboidal epithelium
stratified cuboidal epithelium lines larger ducts of:
mammary glands, sweat glands, salivary glands, and pancreas.
long cells w/ neclui near basement membrane. include goblet cells which secrete mucus.
simple columnar epithelium
simple columnar epithelium are for:
absorption and secretion
some simple columnar epithelium have _______ to increase surface area and absorption
superficial layer for protection and secretion.
more elongated than basal layers(deeper)
stratified columnar epithelium
examples of stratified columnar epithelium:
urethra, vas deferens, pharynx
examples of simple columnar epithelium:
uterus and digestive tract.
one layer that looks like many because there are more than 1 layer of nuclei
pseudostratified Columnar Epithelial
pseudostratified Columnar Epithelial usually have:
celia and goblet cells
examples of pseudostratified Columnar Epithelial:
respiratory passages and reproductive passages
Cells that change in reponse to tension for distensibility and protection
transitional epithelium
example of transitional epithelium
bladder flattens when full, but is cuboidal when empty
typically cuboidal oe columnar that produce and secrete a substance for secretion// glands
glandular epithelium
secretes into blood and 3 types of ducts
endocrine gland
the three types of ducts in endocrine glads are called:
merocrine gland, apocrine gland, holocrine glands
merocrine gland secretes:
watery, protien rich fluid by exocytosis(digestive system)
apocrine glands secrete:
flid filled packets of cytoplasm(breast milk)
holocrine glands secrete:
entire cells(sebaceous glands: oil on skin)

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