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What two types of groups are errors in?
1) Contrastive Analysis
2) Error Analysis
Question #54
In a bilingual program begin L1 - 6th grade
What is Competency test #5 ?
It is the ability to converse in everyday language.
BICS is seen often here & takes about 2 years to develop.
CALP is evident & takes 5-7 years to develop.
Teacher identifies ESL methods (manipulatives, audio, collaborative,etc.)
What is Competency #4?
Interrealationships of reading, writing, speaking.

They should go in this order: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
What is TPRI ?
Total Physical Response
What are the two types of BICS students?
A beginning and intermediate ESL students.
What are some factors affecting L1?
Teacher - A teacher that is strong or a teacher that is weak. Strong is the best.
What is factor affecting L2 learning?
Time - Time of day when a particular subject is taught.

Example: many students are not morning people so reading is not a good time to teach reading.
What is the name of the period that students go through not producing any verbal sounds/communication and how long does this period last?
"Silent Period" could last about 4, 6, 8+ months
What type of student is a CALP student?
An advanced ESL student.
Name the key people in L1 and L2 acquisition.
Stephen Krashen - Created "Affective Filter"

James Cummings - Created BICS and CALP

Jim Asher - Had the theory of "when a child is put on the spot" like when they are up in front of people
What is Competentcy #2 ?
Factors that effect the heart.
Learner's self-concept of going from culture at home to school environment.
(From L1 to L2)
What is bicultural?
Bicultural is when a student is comfortable in both languages.
What language proficiency tests should the teacher be familiar with?
LAS I (Language Assessment Scales)


LAS II (For secondary grades)
What is acculturation?
Acculturation is bringing all cultures in and to go back to the life you enjoy
What is Competentcy #3?
Competentcy #3 is appreciation of student's culture.
What is assimilation?
The desire to be like everyone else.

Example: a new student enters school and other students are wearing uniforms, but new student is wearing different color.
A) Self concept. Physically seen sample of student's work.
B) Heritage of and culture L1 (FIRST LANGUAGE) Explain St Patrick's Day, Christmas by posting on wall or bulletin board.
Another example of an area taught in the affective domain would be?
in a cultural related activity
As a rule, bilingual edcation has to be offered by a school district when ____ students of limited English proficiency in any language classification in the same grade level are identified?
20 students
At the end of the academic year, students are _____________________?
Before placing a child in the bilingual education program or English as a Second Language, _____________ would be needed?
parental consent
Each district is required to offer bilingual education and must have a LPAC. Who makes up this committee of 4 persons?
1. Administrator
2. parent
3. teacher/ bilingual teacher
4. counselor
Elective courses included in the school's curriculum my be taught in which language?
Another language other than English.
(Example: A teacher fluent in Chinese can teach art in Chinese to students who speak Chinese.)
If the response of the home language survey implies that a language other than Englsih is used by a student in pre-kindergarten through 12, what is the next step a district must do?
test with a Language Proficiency Test
In order for limited English proficient students to master the essential elements the district shall____________?
modify the instruction, pacing the material
In regard to the HOME LANGUAGE SURVEY, how many home language surveys are required to be in a child's folder as long as the child remains in the district?
Students participating in the bilingual education program may demonstrate their mastery of the essential elements in what language?
either their home language or English.
The Home Language Survey must be completed within _____ weeks of each student's enrollment in a school district?
four weeks
The Home Language survey ask 2 questions that require the answers from each limited English proficient child. Identify these two questions.
1. What language is spoken at home.
2. What language is spoken most of the time.
The State Board Rules for Bilingual Education do not permit the exiting of limited English proficient students in which grades?
Pre-Kindergarten through 1st grade.
The goal of bilingual education and English as a Second Language shall be to enable limited English proficient students to become competent in the following?
Comprehension (Listening), Speaking, Reading and Composition of English (Writing)
The three domains of a bilingual program are ______, _______, ________?
Affective (Heart-feelings)
Linguistic (Ear-sounds)
Cognitive (Book-Math,Science,Health and Social Studies)
What is the Cognitve Domain?
The symbol is a BOOK.
Content Areas: Social Studies, Science,
Math, Health (all these subjects
need to be passed)
What is LPAC?
Only have 4 weeks to do this from date student is enrolled.
1. conduct a Home Language Survey
2. get this back to school signed by
parent(if student is in 9th-12th
grade they can sign)
3. test this child (only test if using
other language.
4. A. language student speaks most of
the time?
B.language spoken by student at home.
5. A campus report is generated and
sent to the Ad. Bldg. The district
compiles a district wide report and
they send it to TEA.
What is the Linguistic Domain?
Symbol (THE EAR)
This is anything heard.
a} teaching anything heard for example sounds and symbols in second language L2
TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills)
What must be done when a school district is unable to hire sufficient endorsed bilingual teachers for its required programs?
send letters home advising parents of the situation
Which domain would you identify the following activity with, if you were to see a teacher address the history and hertiage assocaiated with both the student's home language and the United States?
Affective Domain
Which would be an example of an area taught in the AFFECTIVE DOMAIN?
Basic concepts of the school enviroment.
An ESL classroom should have an "A La ESL" design which includes which sections?
Direct teaching section
Listening Station
Speaking Station
Reading Station
Writing Station
What are examples of "Minimal Pairs" in the Linguistic Domain?
chip - ship
yes - jess
shop - chop
Describe Domain II.
It begins with Bilingual, then ESL and ends with the Mainstream Classroom.
What is Competency # 6 ?
It is Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency.
Students should perform Complex, hard or sophisticated tasks. Bloom's Taxonomy
What is Competency #7?
It is learning by yourself.
"Minimal Pairs"
"Follow Directions"
"Grammar Rules"
Work independently & recognizes individual learning styles
What is Competency #8?
It is assessment or testing.
Teacher can use:
Portfolios, Oral Language Proficiency Tests, Standardized Tests, Levels of Language Proficiencies (beninners, intermediate, advanced), textbook validity, textbook cultural bias (hair color yellow) and Cloze Test (fill-ins for comprehension)
What is Competency #9?
It is Learning environments.
Teaching L1 - L2
Bilingual (Dual language instruction)
Affective,Linguistic,Cognitive Domains
Team teaching
Describe a Bilingual classroom.
It begins with L1(their first language)and ends with L2(their second language).
Describe an ESL classroom.
They have "A La ESL" with modifications.
2)Instruction (cooperative learning, peer tutoring, self-discovery learning, small group instruction, direct teaching, one to one)
3) Materials to enhance the lesson(manipulatives,visuals, audio, and technology)
What is "A La ESL"?
They are four language Skills:
1) Listening
2) Speaking
3) Reading
4) Writing
What grade ends the bilingual class?

(Grades 7-12 are not bilingual anymore)
What part of the year are students tested?
They are tested in August/September and April/May.
Students are monitored for 2 years.
What is ethnicity?
Ethnicity is one of the following:
European American (white)
Native American
What is Sheltered English?
Sheltered English is
What is Lexicon?
Lexicon is
What is Chronology?
Chronology is
When are students pre-tested?
When enrolled in the district for first time.
Why are students tested in English?
To find out how much they know.
Why are students pre-tested in their language?
To find out where they have basic schooling.
What are the steps of the law?
A school district should offer bilingual education and if not they should offer ESL.
What are the steps to exit ESL program and to have documentation to exit program?
Student scores on reading and language arts sections of achievement test (Grades 2-12) are above 40% on both parts.
Who should sit in an ARD meeting for each limited English proficient student who qualifies for services in SPED?
LPAC member
What is Morphology
Morphology is the system of how words are built. (book and s is books)
What is B.I.C.S ?
It means basic skills.
What is L1?
First language
What is L2?
Second Language
What are C.A.L.P. ?
They are Cognitive, TAKS. HOTS
What is Lau VS. Nichhols Court Case?
Court case opening the door to ESL and Bi-Lingual Eduscation 30 years ago.
What is culture?
Foods, music, clothing, customs, or dance
What is Additive Bilingual?
It is when one adds another language to their existing one.
What is Subtractive Bilingual?
It is when someone loses usually their first language.
What is the TESOL?
It is the English test for speakers of other languages.
What are Title VII Funds?
They are federal money.
What is L.E.P.?
It is Limited English Proficiency.
What is the National Clearing House for Bilingual Education (NCBE)?
Located in Washington, D.C. and is for Bilingual/ESL teachers to obtain free materials/supplies/information.
What is OBEMLA?
This is located in Washington, DC and is an organization that sets the tones for schools to follow and writes laws.
What is code switching?
It is L1 to L2 to L1
What is Assimilation
Assimilation is
What is Affective Filter?
It is the imaginary wall or barrier that blocks a learner from learning and effects self concept and self-esteem. (Krashen's)
What is the ladder for success?
The ladder for success are four written and oral questions students will know.
(My name is..My address is ... My father's name is ... My telephone number is ...) BICS - Cummings
What is Competency #1?
It is aquiring first and second language.
What is CALP?
It is Cognitive Academic Language Profiency. Opposite of BICS. Examples are: identify main idea, facts and fantasy, draw conclusions, work with maps, charts and graphs.
What is transfer of skills?
It is learning a first language and a second language. Example: verde/green
What is Competency #11
It is Chapter 89.
Laws and Guidelines or Rules and Regulations that govern a Bilingual/ESL Program.
What is Scaffolding?
This means to modify or simplify student's work.
Instructional and/or affective support that guides and boost students so they may work more independently.
What is Semantics?
It is the study of meanings of words and sentences.
What is self-esteem?
Self-esteem is how a student feels aboout themselves and this appears to play an important role in second language acquisition.
What is Risk-Taking?
This is connected to self-esteem and it is an important characteristic in learning a second language successsfully.
What is culture shock?
It is unavoidable and teachers should provide support and encouragement during this accultration.

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