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Luis Wirth
-born in small jewish community in small german town -had to leave for education -became leading developer in sociology at university of Chicago -"urbanism as a way of life"
W.C. Handy
-"father of the blues" -born in Alabama -religion forbid him to play music, had to sneak off to play -joined a band in chicago
Charley Patton
-Born in Mississippi -played guitar -played music on the Dockery Plantation
Robert Johnson
-takes Patton's music and makes it well known -blues musician -played guitar
Homer Plessy
-1 great grandparent was black -1 drop of blood rule -was not subject to Jim Crow laws
Winthrop Jordan
-most important book on race: "White Over Black" -born in Mass. -professor at University of Mississippi
William Julius Wilson
-race was becoming less important -"declaring significance of Race" -Harvard Sociologist
Thomas Skidmore
-PH.D. for Harvard -leading interpreter of Brazil in U.S. "Black into White"
Horace Cayton
-grandson of first black senator -grad student at U. of chicago -studied race in chicago
Mckinley Morganfield (Muddy Waters)
-black guitarist -started with harmonica -recorded by john lomax -electrifies the blues -moved to chicago and records with chess records
John Kenneth Galbraith
-most famous economist of his time -wrote "Affluent Society" -appointed by JFK to be ambassador of India -went to berkely, then harvard -market concepts
Jerry Wexler
-Atlantic records -billboard magazine -began career writin about music -graduated high school at 15 -invented term "rhythm and blues"
Don Robey
-nightclub owner -owner of peacock records -discovered Big Mama Thorton
Big Mama Thorton
-Gospel singer from geogia becomes R&B singer -takes songs that weren't blues and sings them in a blues style
Lejzor and Fiszel Czyz
-brothers -jewish polish immigrants -blues -founded chess records
Chuck Berry
-born in St. Luis -black guitarist -records for chess records -went to reform school as a child -mixes country and jazz
Sam Phillips
-founder of sun records -D.J. -anyone can record for $1
Colonel Tom Parker
-born in Neatherlands -found Elvis Presley
Michael Walzer
-communitarianism -prof at princeton -PhD from Harvard -philosopher
Nicolo Machiquelli
-the prince -in it for himself
John Calvin
-the government of god -ran Janeva -government that follows the needs of the bible
Kurt Lewin
-born in germany -fled nazis -leadership climates (authoritarian, democratic, laissez-faire
Barry Gordy
-black man from Detroit -became a boxer -went into military -wrote songs in 1960's -recruits singers
Jackie Wilson
-singer -couldn't really write songs -danced while singing
Marvelous Marv Johnson
-born in detroit -sounded like Jackie Wilson -singer of R&B
William "Smokey" Robinson
-R&B and soul singer/song writer -motown -member of the miracles
Jane Jacobs
-wanted tp make cities better -community activist -went to toranto to work -wrote "the death and life of great America"
Robert Moses
-theory of urbanization -central focus should be automobiles -built highways
Diana Ross
-started singing in church -the supremes -berry gordy had writers write songs specific for her voice
Max Weber
-first figure of social sciences -explored knowledge like never before -"protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism" most important book
Robert Bellah
-secularization theory -leading sociologist in country -worked at berkely -wrote "hobies of the Heart"
E Franklin Frazier
-wrote sociological books -took a job at howard university -became very famous sociologist -segregation screwed him over
Mahalia Jackson
-spiritual/gospel music -distinct voice -grew up in Louisiana
Stevland Judkins (stevie wonder)
-born in saginaw, MI -born blind -played piano
Lula Mae Hardaway
-stevie wonder's mother -beaten as a child -very religious
Marvin Gaye
-father was crazy preacher -brought up where religion was everything -murdered by father
Alfred Kinsey
-credited for bringing sex into acedemics -psychologist -indiana University
Michel Faucault
-thought life was full of traps and puzzles -died of AIDS -sexuality is "performance"
Gregory Pincus
-Majored in agriculture at cornell -artificial insemination -prof at harvard invented birth control
Paul Goodman
-sociologist -novelist in 1950's -"growing up absurd" from NY
James Brown
-born in south Carolina during great depression -both parents abanded him -live on the streets -engaged in armed robery, went to reform school, got musical education
Otis Redding
-died in plane crash -soul singer -known for his voice
Al Green
-soul/gospel singer -born in arkansas -moved to grand rapids, MI
Fernando Otiz
-cuba-centric man "cuban counterpoint" -argues that cuba is crossroad for many things
Michael Ignatieff
-ethnocon vergence -canadian historian prof at cambridge and oxford
David Hollinger
-berkely prof -wrote "postethic america" -taught history
Manu Dibango
-born in cameroon -played saxophone -black man in france
Donna Summer (LaDonna Gaines)
-very christian household near bostin -thought she was going to be gospel singer -wanted to be on broadway
Gloria Gaynor
-jazz singer from New Jersey -wanted to bring artists back into disco
Theodore Roszak
-wrote "making of a counter culture" -a response to the dominant culture
Herbert Marcuse
-german american theorist -became spy moved to san diego
Timothy Lenry
-tried to develope a "happy pill" -people wanted a way to settle their brains -decided that we needed LSD
Janis Joplin
-university of texas where she listened to blues -buys into summer of love -beautiful voice
Jimi hendrix
-father was in military -born in seattle -lived with g-ma -learned guitar in Vancouver
Jurgen Habermas
-"the public sphere" -public access to stuff like newspapers
Theda Skocpol
-undergrad at MSU -"protecting soldiers and mothers" -collaboration least effective = creative writing most effective = movies
Gladys Knight
-distinctive voice -church camp -appeared on Ted Mack's amateur hour
Jim Weatherly
-born in rural mississippi -became quarterback for old miss -preferred writing music
Cissy Houstin
-became solo singer, then back up singer -soul and gospel music -born in new jersey
Lewis Henry Morgan
-born in NY -grew up next to Indian reservation -studied families-kinship,extended family, nuclear family
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
-sociologist -taught at harvard -elected senator of new york -the moynihan report = families of different races
William Ryan
-psychology degree from boston U -wrote "blaming the victim"
C.L. Franklin
-first raised in buffalo -moved to detroit -aretha franklin's father
Aretha Franklin
-raised in a new bethel baptist church -singer
Ralph "Petey" Green
-"talk to me" (movie) -father was hustler, mother was prostitute -parents abandoned him -fought in korean war -went to prison, learned to D.J.
George Rude
-english historian -dominant figure on how riots shape society -asked "what is a mob?" -wrote "revolutionary europe"
Eric Hobsbawn
-greatest living historian -great writer -wrote "primitive rebels"
Eunice Wayman (Nina Simone)
-stage name in nina simone -piano player prodigy -civil rights activist
Herbert Aptheker
-leftist -wanted citizens to be free-er and more equal -historian from columbian U -tried to show that people were ready to revolt
Malvina Renolds
-song writer on the left wing -from NY, went to cali -berkely educated -bad singing voice
Utah Phillips
-bum -lived and sang on the rails -born in Cleavland ohio
Arlo Guthrie
-woody's son -covered his father's songs -radicalism from the counter culture side
Ani Difranco
-Richous records -buffalo,NY -revolution has to involve women
Leo Tolstoy
-greatest novelist -spend more time looking at one another directly -religious
Robert Owen
-break away and form communities with people we can live and work with -small scale communities -indiana-tried to set up a utopia
Garrett Hardin
-evolutionary biologist -wanted ecology to be a serious field
Kool Herc
-from barbetos -used 2 turn tables at once -hosted parties
Grandmaster Flash (Joseph Saddle)
-made club music -members of group had nicknames
Carlton Douglas Ridenhour
-first real star of hip-hop -member of Public Enemy -art student
Randolph Bourne
-from NJ and came to NY -wrote for magazines -used the term "pluralism"
Horace Kallen
-pluralism is something that is wrong with us -we should share and blend with each other -university is best place for this -wrote "cosmopolitanism"
Ronald Cohen
-inconclusiveness-identity through music, language, food -exclusiveness-restrictions on marriage outside group
Frank Sinatra
-grew up in Hoboken -his mother did abortions -sang offbeat
Nelson Riddle
-Helped Sinatra -wrote music for Sinatra

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