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Test 3 Anth Randal Allison


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Gv't of Mexico wants the ___ to keep their traditions but they want...
Tarahumara; to live in modern society- better opportunities
Tara Have a ritual ceremony that involves
slaughtering an animal
Tara Husbands seem to have a problem with
unfaithful wives
Have what instruments (Tarahumara)
drum-like something and violin
Tara stories characterized as
Some of Tara rituals are defined by
lots of violence
Raramuri live in
S Chihuahua Mexico
Rara Christianized lowland dwellers
barranca - most influenced by mexican culture
Rara Christianized high sierra dwellers
maintain old traditions
Rara Gentiles in the high sierra regions
practice the old religion, don't speak spanish, have shamans
Rara are very conservative, ex.
Several hours of prayer on knees, crucifixion of priests for a day
Almost all religions have
a flood or world destruction story
Rara, and muri mean?
foot; tortoise
Raramuri altogether equates to
running feet- they run everywhere
Rara families each have
a scarf woven w/ totems or identifiers
Rara wore colors for
special occasions
Rara Family consisted of
mom dad and kids, divorce common
Rara rancho
2-5 households (clustered around some natural feature)
Rara Pueblo
political units of cluster of ranchos
combined courthouse and jail in center of pueblo
Rara Siriame
pueblo gv'nr elected to his post for an indeterminate amount of time
Rara Nawesari
Sermon called by the governor, an occasion for pueblo concerns to be voiced
Rara building
use caves and enclose them with a log cabin-type structure
Rara holidays
easter and dec 12 (virgin of guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego)
Rara Tesguino
fermented corn beer
Rara Chapareque
traditional drum
Rara Peyote
hallucinogenic cactus used by owiruames
Rara owiruames
spiritual guides, doctors, shaman
women's game where hoops are thrown
men's ball game, cover 200+ kilometers, longest match 47 hours
Rara Pinole
a toasted corn drink, served at rarajipari to keep up energy
Rara Onoruame
God, both mother and father at the same time
Rara- Repa betame
he who lives above
Rara- Pere beteame
he who lives below
Rara don't do what?
gossip-makes you ill
Rara Chabochi
Raramuri term for 1/2 indian 1/2 spanish ancestry and whites
La Picanda
the island that the day of the dead people live on - Michocan
people native to la picanda
the native language in La Picanda
old shotguns barrel loaded
3-pointed spear used to hunt ducks
small fish caught as staple protein
a drink made of ground corn that has been boiled
Don Vasco de Quiroga
Jesuit founder, and first bishop of Michocan - sometimes referred to as Tato vasco
a flower, key to offerings (marigolds)
Incense, pine resin
small skulls made of sugar and painted to honor the dead
Commensal Unit
the people you eat with (frat, sorrority, church group)
Age Grades
temporary (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
Age Sets
permanent division (class of '06 etc.)
Pantribal Associations
cuts through tribal groupings etc.
Ascribed status
given, royalty etc.
Achieved status
earned, mobility within status groups
joining of 2 different class ranks produces the lower class rank
Hamitic myth
lesser people have more primitive features

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