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Old Chapter - Carbon Cycle


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What does "ubiquitous" mean?
What does "plethora" mean?
"Lots of it"
Carbon can bond to 4 other elements, so it is said to be ___.
What are four ways carbon enters the atmosphere?
1. Aerobic cellular respiration of various organisms
2. Volcanic eruptions
3. Combustion of fossil fuels
4. Deforestation by burning wood, peat, etc. as fuels
Where is peat found?
What does "aerobic" mean?
Uses oxygen
What types of organisms are anaerobic?
Certain types of bacteria
The level of carbon in the atmosphere was once as high as __%
The water in bogs is very brown due to what?
How are bogs different from other water ecosystems?
There's no escape for the water.
Which country is just now entering its industrial age, causing an increase in demand for fossil fuels?
Why is their little decomposition in bogs?
Pine trees and other plants produce acid, causing the bog to have a low pH when they fall into it. With a low pH, many types of bacteria can't survive, eliminating many decomposers.
How are the partial pressure of a gas and the concentration of that same gas in a contacting solution related?
Directly proportional
CO2 diffuses into the __.
Where are most of the carbon atoms on the planet?
Dissolved as CO2 in oceans.
Much CO2 is taken up by organisms in the ocean that use it to build ___.
Coral reefs and shells.
CaCO3 is commonly referred to as what?
How much of the atmosphere is nitrogen?
How much of the atmosphere is oxygen?
How much of the atmosphere is carbon?
Bacteria can decompose organic material into what?
CO2 and H2O
Why is there still energy saved in fossil fuels?
The remains of animals and plants were covered with sediment before they were full decomposed, allowing energy to still be stored in them.


Because there is no O2 in the sediment, the full decomposition cannot occur.
The era in which fossil fuels were made was called the ___ era.
Does a reducing atmosphere build up or break down molecules?
Builds up
What type of atmosphere breaks down molecules?
Tollund Man was found in what country?
In the Carboniferous era, was there a high or low level of oxygen gas?
Tollund Man was found almost perfectly preserved after how many years?
What are the three types of fossil fuels?
Coal, oil, and gas
Carbon can be used to make soft materials like graphite, but also hard materials like ___.

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