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Adaptation Cards


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What is an herbivore?
A living thing that mostly eats plants to survive
Describe how weathering changes an igneous rock to sediment.
Wind can chip pieces of it if it blows it around. Rain and sunlight can break it down too.
What is habitat?
The arrangement of food, water, shelter, and space suitable to an animal's needs.
What is igneous rock?
A type of rock that forms from melted rock that has cooled and crystalized
What is weathering?
The breaking up of rocks into sediments by such forces as wind, rain, and sunlight.
Name 3 resources that can be found in our oceans.
Gas, oil, food, jewelry
What is an omnivore?
A living thing that mostly eats plants and animals to survive.
What is a renewable resource?
A resource that can be replaced in a fairly short time.
What is a producer?
One that makes its own food
Why are natural gas and oil examples of NON-RENEWABLE resources?
Once we use them we can't replace them - they are used up. It's only a certain amount of it left.
What is sediment?
Bits of weathered rocks, minerals, and pieces of dead plants and animals
What is a primary consumer
A living thing that consumes plants
What are nonrenewable resources?
A resource that can't be replaced in nature
What is the rock cycle?
The continuous cycle of changes that rocks undergo.
Why is it important for scientists to find alternative energy sources such as wave energy and solar energy?
The resources we use now are nonrenewable resources. Solar and wave energy are renewable resources.
What is a carnivore?
A living thing that mostly eats meat to survive.
What is adaptation?
A change to a physical chacteristic that allows a living thing to survive in its environment.
What is sedimentary rock?
A type of rock that forms when sediments harden.
What are natural resources?
Any useful material or energy source found in nature.
What is a secondary consumer?
A living thing that consumes the animals that consumes plants
Why is it important for scientists to find renewable resources for our energy production?
If they don't find renewable resources, we are going to run out of energy resources.
What is metamorphic rock?
A type of rock that forms from sedimentary rocks that have changed by heat and pressure
What is wave energy?
Power that is harnested from the ocean waves

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