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FOS Exam 2


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Functions: Converts carbs to energy; helps nerve cell function
Deficiency: beri beri 
Symptoms: Wet- edema. Dry- emaciation, muscle wasting.
B1- Thiamin
Functions: helps convert carbs AND proteins to energy
Deficiency: Ariboflavinosis
Symptoms: magenta tongue, seborrhea (oily secretion); cheliosis (cracked mouth); pink eye (conjunctivitis); lacrimation. 

B2- Riboflavin
Yellow Urine Significance
Excessive amounts of riboflavin in diet cause urine to be yellow
Functions: metabolism of carbs, fats, proteins 
Deficiency: Pellagra
Symptoms: Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Dementia
B3- Niacin
Function: Protein interconversion and protein metabolism
Symptoms: Anemia, dermatitis, convulsions - adults; nerve disorders, convulsions, gastrointestinal distress in infants
Antagonist: Deoxypyrdioxine
B6 - Pyridoxine
Functions: Produces energy from glucose and fats
Antagonist: Omega methyl panothenate
B5- Pantothenate
Functions: Shuttles CO2 for energy, protein, fat metabolism 
Symptoms: Appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, inflammation of tongue, pallor, depression
Antagonist: aviden ( raw egg whites)
B7- Biotin
Functions: DNA production, red blood cell production 
Deficiency: Megaloblastic anemia
Symptoms: cracked mouth and lips, anemia, malabsorption, infertility
Antagonist: Aminopterin
B9 - Folic Acid
Functions: Red blood cell and nerve cell development, fat metabolism
Deficiency: Megaloblastic anemia
Symptoms: Psychiatric, weakness, sore tongue
Extrinsic/ Intrinsic
Vitamin B 12
How much cholesterol does the body synthesize? 
1000-1500 mg per day
Which lipoprotein transports fat from intestine to liver?
Which lipoprotein delivers fats from liver to other cells? 
Three ketone bodies 
Acetoacetic acid, betahydroxybutyric acid, acetone
The breaking down of proteins, carbs and fats to their simplest form. The major reaction of Digestion.
What protects vitamin B12? 
Which enzyme is important in digestion in the stomach? 
In the small intestine, enzymes: 
carbs- amylase
protein- proteases
lipids- lipases
Which lipoprotein delivers cholesterol to the cells? 
Which lipoprotein takes fat from the cell back to the liber for elimination and recycling? 
Hormone stops flow of acid to the stomach? 
Hormone signals the gall bladder to secrete bile? 
Cholecystokinin (CCK)
Hormone signals the pancreas to produce bicarbonate? 
Hormone slows gastrointestinal tract motility because fat needs more time to digest?
Gastric - Inhibitory Peptide (and CCK) 

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