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chapter one-science


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Jet Stream
a narrow belt of strong, high speed, high-pressure air.
land breeze
flow of air from land to sea.
Small balls or chunks of ice ranging from 5 to 75 millimeters in diameter.They are formed when water droplets hit ice pellets in a cloud and freeze.
Coriolis Effect
shift in wind direction caused by the rotation of the Earth on its axis.
Continental Tropical
forms over land in mexico. it brings dry, hot air to the southwestern states.
Relative Humidity
percentage of moisture the air holds relative to the amount it could hold at a particular temperature.
line on a weather map that connects locations with the same temperature.
Greenhouse Effect
Process in which carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere absorb infrared radiation from the sun, forming a "heat blanket" around the Earth.
line on a weather map that connects locations with the same air pressure.
instrument used to measure wind speed.
Stationary Front
when a warm air mass meets a cold air mass and no movement occurs a stationary front forms. rain may fall in an area for many days when this front is in its place.
Polar Easterlies
in both hempispheres, the westerlies start rising and cooling between 50 degrees and 60 degrees latitude as they approach the poles.They are cold but weak winds. Many changes in the weather in the u.s. are caused by these.
people that predict the weather.
transfer of heat energy in a fluid (gas or liquid).
instrument used to measure air pressure.
radiant energy
energy that is transmitted in the form of radiation.
mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth.
Cloud seeding
tiny crystals of silver iodide and dry ice are sprinkled into clouds.
Cumulonimbus clouds
Large cumulus clouds that are dark on the bottom, they produce thunderstorms.

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