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General OB Terminology


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loss of pregnancy before the fetus is viable outside the uterus.
Attitude –
In perinatal care, the relationship of the fetal parts to each other.
O, M, B, S, SC
Thinning & shortening of the cervix that occurs late in pregnancy or during labor.
Embryo –
The early stage of development of the young of any organism. In humans the embryonic period is 2
Engagement –
the entrance of the fetal presenting part into the superior pelvic strait & the beginning of the descent through the pelvic canal.
The child in utero from about the 7th - 9th week of gestation until birth.
Funic Souffle
The soft blowing sound heard over the location of the umbilical cord of the fetus in utero and synchronous with the fetal heartbeat during late pregnancy.
Gravida –
a pregnant woman
The time from the onset of true labor until the birth of the infant and expulsion of the placenta.
Hydatiform mole
Degenerative process in chorionic villi; giving rise to multiple cysts & rapid growth of the uterus, with hemorrhage.
Lie –
the relationship of the long axis of the fetus & the long axis of the pregnant woman. May be longitudinal, transverse, oroblique.
– A woman who has been pregnant more than once.
Neonate –
An infant from birth through the first 28 days of life.
A woman who has never been pregnant.
Para –
A woman who has borne offspring who reached the age of viability.
Relationship of presenting part of fetus to the 4 quadrants of mother.
Positive Signs of Pregnancy
Indications that confirm the presence of pregnancy.
After childbirth
The fetal part of the body that enters the pelvis first. 3 presentations are cephalic, shoulder & breech.
Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy
Symptoms that suggest but do not confirm pregnancy. Cessation of menses, quickening, Chadwick’s sign, morning sickness
A woman who is pregnant for the 1st time.
Probable Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy
Manifestations that strongly suggest the likeihood of pregnansy such as + pregnancy test, enlarging abdomen, + Goodell's, Hegar's, & Braxton Hicks signs.
Station –
Relationship of presenting fetal part to an imaginary line drawn between the pelvic ischial spines.
Trimester –
3 months or 1/3 of the gestational time for pregnancy.
Uterine Souffle –
Soft, blowing sound heard when ausculating maternal abdomen.

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