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Medical Emergencies Quiz 2.1


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duplex mode
A communications mode with the ability to transmit and receive traffic simultaneously through two different frequencies, one to transmit and one to receive
EMS communications
The delivery of patient and scene information (either in person, in writing, or through communications technology) to other members of the emergency response team.
Federal Communications Commission
A federal agency with jurisdiction over interstate and international telephone and telegraph services and satellite communications.
multiplex mode
A communications mode with the ability to transmit two or more different types of information simultaneously, in either or both directions, over the same frequency.
simplex mode
A communications mode with the ability to transmit or receive in one direction at a time. Simultaneous transmission cannot occur.
SOAP format
A memory aid used to organize verbal and written patient reports; it include subjective data, objective data, assessment data, and plan of patient management.
Technological communications that allow for the transmission of photographs, video, and other information to be sent directly from the scene to a hospital for physician evaluation and consultation.
The portion of the patient care report that allows for a chronological description of the call.
pertinent negative findings
Findings that warrant no medical care or intervention but that, by seeking them, show evidence of the thoroughness of the examination and history of the event.
pertinent oral statements
Statements made by the patient and other on-scene persons.
An abnormal dilation of the bronchi caused by a pus-producing infection of the bronchial wall.
hyperventilation syndrome
Abnormally deep or rapid breathing that leads to excessive loss of carbon dioxide, resulting in respiratory alkalosis.
spontaneous pneumothorax
A condition that results when a subpleural bleb ruptures, allowing air to enter the pleural space from within the lung.
status asthmaticus
A severe, prolonged asthma exacerbation that has not been broken with repeated doses of bronchodilators.
A monitoring device that samles and record the amount of carbon dioxide in exhaled gases.

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