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muscles arch 2
stylohyoid, stapedius, P digastric, auricular, mscl facial expression
bones arch 2
stapes, styloiod, upper hyoid
neural crest
derivatives of aortic arch 2
stapedial, hyoid artery
bones of arch 1
dorsal=maxillary (maxilla, zyg, temporal), ventral=mandibular (mandible, middle ear)
muscles arch 4
cricothyroid, levator palatino, constrictors of pharynx
IM mesoderm
urinary, genital
bones arch 4
cartilage-thyroid, cricoid, arythroid, corniculate, cunneiform
muscles arch 1
mastication (temporalis, masseter, pterygoid), A digastric, mylohyoid, 2T (tensor tympani and tensor palatini)
derivatives of aortic arch 4
L=aortic arch, R=prox R subclavian

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