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Wundt used the method of INTROSPECTION. What is introspection?
monitoring and reporting one's own mental processes
What are three assumptions of cognitive psychology?
1.mental processis exist and they are key to understanding the human mind 2.mental processes can be studied scientifically 3.humans are active informantion processors
definition of cognition
the collection of mental processes and activities used in perceiving, remembering, thinking, and understanding, as well as the act of using those processes
2,400 years ago WHO began to adress question as how the mind works
Ancient Greek Philosophers
Their answers were generally incorrect but their approach has persisted in the form of assumptions such as.... (3 things) works in systematic,predictable ways 2.humans are part of the physical world 3.explanations of physical events in the world should rely on other physical events, not on non-physical events
At what time period was the Renaissance?
"Rebirth"~13th through 17th centuries
What three ideas of "Rebirth"? is predictable and can be understood 2.explanations must be of physical nature 3.pursuit of knowledge is a worthwhile endeavor in and of itself
What is the idea of the birth of modern science?
that knowledge must be pursued through observation rather than reasoning and logic alone
What are the four psychologist the are of particular interest in cognitive psychology?
Wilhelm Wundt Edward Titchener Hermann von Ebbinghaus William James
Name four things Wilhelm Wundt did?
1.started a psychology laboratory 2.wrote books 3.started journals 4.trained students
(Next 2 cards-Wundt) what did he study?
immediate experience, untainted by preexisting knowledge
Who studied STRUCTURALISM and describe this method.
Titchener. emphasis is on the structure of the mind. The goal was to describe the basic elements of the mind.
Who used the method of FUNCTIONALISM and describe.
William James. emphasis is on how the mind functions. the goal was to describe the functions of the mind and how it interacts with the environment
HERMANN VON EBBINGHAUS was a contemporary of Wundt. What did he introduce?
objective method to study memory: 'savings in learning'
What is behaviorism and who used this method?
Watson. the scientific study of observable behavior
Behaviorism-Watson a.Basic unit of behavior? only what? c.what cannot be studied scientifically? d.what is Tabula rasa("blank slate")?
a.reflex b.environment-behavior relations c.internal processes d.all behavior is learned
What are four examples of dissatisfaction with behaviorism?
1.Tabula Rasa idea fell apart 2.WWII:practical applications 3.Noam Chomsky: linguistics 4.Smith (1947)
1960 to current, cognitive psychology viewed the mind as a what?
information processer
What is the computer metaphor?
a computer is similar to the human mind
(CHAPTER 2) One early assumption was the PROCESS MODEL. What are two ideas of this.
1.processing of information consists of sequential stages -info>short-term store (response,info)>long-term store 2.these stages do not overlap in time
Give 2 examples of a PROCESS MODEL.
1.Donders' subtractive method. 2.Reading a word (apple)
Two new insights?
1.Parallel processing 2.Top-down processing
What is parallel processing?
processing does not occur in a strictly serial fashion
What is Top-down processing?
higher stages of processing aid lower stages of processing. e.g.- 'the cat'
All of cognitive psychology's research is not based solely on reaction time (RT) but also _____.
describe TREISMAN AND GELADE'S Feature Integration Theory.
visual search for a dimension occurs in a parallel across the entire region of visual attention. involves detection of simple, visual features.
definition of RT
measure of time elapsed between some stimulus and the person's response to a stimulus
Name different ways to 'look' at the brain
lesions, direct stimulation, electrophysiology, EEG, ERP, MRI,fMRI, PET, TMS
What's another research method?

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