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Geology Quiz 3


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Because of its great hardness, diamond cannot be cleaved in any direction
Specific gravity is the ratio of a mass of substance to the mass of an equal volume of air
Mica is an example of a mineral with perfect cleavage
In order of a particular type of mineral to be classified as a minteral, it must______

a) be a solid
b) occur naturally
c) have a crystalline structure
d) have a definite chemical composition
e) all of the previous answers
e) all of the previous answers are correct
All atoms of a given element (for example, all carbon atoms) contain the same characteristic number of ______ in their nuclei as all other atoms of that element.
The atomic mass number of an atom is the total number of ____ in the atom
protons and neutrons
If the total number of electrons for a given atom is one more than the total number of protons, the atom will be _____.
a negative ion
Carbon-12 is the most abundant _____ of carbon
Carbon-14 has 8 ______.
The sodium cation Na+ has one less _____ than it has ____.
electrons and protons
The two most abundant elements in Earth's crust are _____.
oxygen and silicon
When seawater evaporates its sodium and chlorine combine to precipitate as _____.
halite (NaCI, salt)
The important mineral _____ has three directions of cleavage to form a rhombohedron or "squashed box." and effervesces (fizzes) in dilute acid.
The group of minerals known as the _____ are sheet silicates characterized by one direction of cleavage.
The most abundant group of mineral in the crust is the ______ group.
Mineral cleavage refers to flat external faces on a mineral grain created _____
when the grain is broken along planes of weakness in its atomic structure
A silica tetrahedron is composed of four atoms of the element ____ and one atom of ______
oxygen and silicon
The mineral _____ has isolated silica tetrahedra in its lattice structure
The group of minerals known as the _____ contain single chains of silica tetrahedra in their struture.
The group of minerals known as the _____ contain double chains of silica tetrahedra in their structure.
The group of minerals known as the _____ contain planar sheets of silica tetrahedra in their structure.
mica (biotite, muscovite, etc)
The group of minerals known as the _____ have a complex framework structure in which the oxygen atoms are shared by adjacent silica tetrahedra.
THe mineral _____ is an example of an elemental mineral, because it is composed of just one element rather than being a compound of different elements.
Geologist use the word ____ to describe the color of a fine powder of a mineral, as might be left by a relatively soft mineral on a piece of white unglazed porcelain.
Some mineral specimens are ____, which means that you can see clearly through the mineral
______ is a characteristic of a mineral that is either metallic or nonmetallic
The hardest mineral is _____
The hardest mineral has a hardness of _____ on Mohs relative hardness scale.
Calcite has ____ directions of cleavage.
Some minerals, like _____, do not cleave along regular planes (because there are no planes of weakness in their crystal structure), but instead fracture along irregular surfaces that are commonly curved.
The mineral _____ commonly develops through the evaporation of seawater and has a salty taste.
The mineral _____ is strongly magnetic, and specimens of _____commonly fluoresce in ultraviolent light
magnetite and fluorite
Minerals in the ____ family of chain silicates have two directions of cleavage that are oriented approzimately at right angeles (-90 degrees) to one another

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