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Tortora Chapter 2 Quiz


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Atoms consist of _____, _____, & _____.
& neutrons
To be chemically stable, teh atoms of all elements except hydrogen & helium must hold _____ electrons in the valence shell.
The number of protons located in an atom's nucleus is known as its _______.
atomic number
The factors that influence the chance that a collision will occur & cause a chemical reaction are _____ & _____.
The four elements which compose most of the body's mass are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, & nitrogen. (T/F)
Ionic bonds occur when atoms lose, gain, & share electrons in their valence shell. (T/F)
Which statements concerning covalent bonds are true?

1. Atoms form a molecule by sharing one, two, or three pairs of their valence electrons.

2. Covalent bonds can form only between atoms of different elements.

3. The gre
True Statements:
1, 3, & 5
Organic compoundsthat function primarily to provide a readiloy available source of chemical energy to generate the ATP that drives metabolic reactions are:

a. lipids
b. nucleic acids
c. water
d. carbohydrates
e. proteins
d. carbohydrates
The body's most highly concentrated form of chemical energy is

a. a triglyceride
b. a lipoprotein
c. glycogen
d. a steroid
e. an eicosanoid
a. a triglyceride
The organic compounds that serve in structural, regulatory, contractile, immunological, transport, & catalytic capacities are _______.

a. lipids
b. carbohydrates
c. proteins
d. nucleic acids
e. buffers
c. proteins
Which of the following statements concerning DNA are NOT TRUE?

a. It contains the five-carbon sugar deoxyribose

b. It is composed of a single strand of nucleotides

c. DNA has a double helix construction

d. DNA
b. It is composed of a single
strand of nucleotides
Name the type of the reaction:

H2 + Cl2 --> 2 HCl
Synthesis reaction
Name the type of the reaction:

3 NaOH + H3PO4 --> Na3PO4 + 3 H2O
exchange reaction
Name the type of the reaction:

CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O --> Ca(HCO3)2
synthesis reaction
Name the type of the reaction:

NH3 + H2O <==> NH4+ + OH-
reversible reaction
Which of the following statements regarding ATP are true?

1. ATP is the energy currency for the cell

2. The energy supplied by the hydrolysis of ATP is constantly being used by the cell

3. Energy is required to produce AT
True Statements:
1, 2, 3, & 4
A polar covalent molecule that serves as a solvent, has a high heat capacity, creates a high surface tension, & serves as a lubricant
A substance that dissociates into one or more hydrogen ions & one or more anions
a substance that dissociates into cations & anions, neither of which is a hydrogen ion or a hydroxyl ion
a proton receptor
a measure of hydrogen ion concentration
A chemical compound that can convert strong acids & bases into weak ones
A catalyst for chemical reactions that is specific, efficient, 7 under cellular control
a compound that functions to temporarily store & then transfer energy liberated in exergonic reactions to cellular activities that require energy
An electrically charged atom or group of atoms with an unpaired electron in its outermost shell
free radical
a combination resulting when two or more atoms share electrons
a building block of matter that cannot be split into a simpler chemical substance by ordinary chemical reactions
chemical element
anything that occupies space & has mass
an atom of an element that differs in the number of neutrons, therefore mass number, from other atoms of the same element
the smallest unit of matter that retains the properties & characteristics of an element
an atom that has given up or gained electrons
a substance that can be broken down into two or more different elements by ordinary chemical means

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