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Scientific Method 6th grade


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What is the scientific method?
It is a PROCESS that is used to find ANSWERS to questions about the world around us
Is there only ONE scientific method?
No, there are several versions of the scientific method. Some versions have more steps
Scientific method must begin with the identification of a
PROBLEM or QUESTION to be answered based on observations of the world around us
The scientific method must also provide an
ORGANIZED method for condusting and analyzing an experiement
What is hypothesis
It is an EDUCATED GUESS based on observations and your knowledge of the topic
What is data?
It is INFORMATION gathered during an experiment
What is step one of the S.M.?
Choose a problem
What does choose a problem (step 1) mean?
What do you want to know or explain? Use observations you have made to write a question that addressses the problem/topic you want to investigate. Choose something that you don't know the answer to.
What is step 2 of the S.M?
Research your problem
What does research your problem mean (step 2)?
How can you find the answer to your question? you can look in books, get advice, make observations, etc
What is step 3 of the S.M.?
Develop a hypothesis
What does develp a hypothesis mean (step 3)
It means...what do you THINK will happen? Predict the answer to your question or the outcome of the experiment. It is a statement that tries to explain a relationship between variables. Use the words IF and THEN. Form your hypothesis from a simple question. Your hypothesis must be VERY CLEAR so you can test it.
What is step 4 of the S.M?
Write your procedures
What does write your procedures mean (step 4)
Tell what you will do to test YOUR hypothesis. List the materials you need. List each thing you do and number the steps. Write down everything you do so others can repeat your experiment by reading your procedures. Control your variables. Basically, develop a procedure for a reliable experiement and address safety rules.
What is step 5 of the S.M.
Test your hypothesis
What does test your hypothesis mean (step 5)
Follow the exact steps in your procedure to perform your experiemtn. Record data and observations!
What is step 6 in the S.M?
Organize your data
What does organize your data mean (step 6)
Make tables, charts, or graphs. Write a summary. Draw pictures or take photos to show your results. Is the data reliable? Does your data and observations from the experiement support your hypothesis?
What is step 7 in the S.M?
State your conclusion
What does state your conclusion mean (step 7)
Write a conclusion that summarizes the important parts of your experiment and the results. Was it what you expected? Did you find out what you wanted to know?
Once you organize your data (step 6) and you realize your data is inaccurate or the experiment flawed what do you do?
You research your problem. Rewrite your procedure to address the flaws in the original experiement.
The ____ is the part of an experiment that is not being tested and is used for comparison
The ___ describes the steps you use during an experiment
After an experiment, scientists write a ____ which summarizes their experiment and results
the _____ ______ is a process used by scientists to find answers to questions or solve a problem
Scientific Method
The ____ variable is the part of the experiment that is being tested or the part that is changed by the person doing the experiment
The ____ is an educated guess
Scientists use their data to make charts and ___ to communicate the results of an experiment
After the scientist makes a hypothesis, they perform an ___ to collect data
The first step of the scientific method is to defind or identify the ____
Sometimes scientists make a mistake, or ___, and need to do an experiment again
After the experiment, scientists organize and ____ the data
The ____ variable is the part of the experiment that is affected by the independent variable
The information collected during an experiment is called ____
Scientists make ____ to help them make a hypothesis or collect data during an experiment

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