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Bridges I Unit I Cause and Effect


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Cause: Midas brought the lost man back to Bacchus.
Effect: Bacchus told him he could wish for anything.
Cause: Midas wished for the golden touch.
Effect: Everything Midas touched turned to gold.
Cause: Midas picked up bread to eat.
Effect: The bread turned to gold.
Cause: Midas tried to drink; his lips touched the water.
Effect: The water turned to gold.
Cause: Midas touched his daughter.
Effect: His daughter turned to gold.
Cause: Midas couldn't eat or drink anything.
Effect: Midas was hungry and thirsty.
Cause: Midas didn't want the golden touch any more.
Effect: Bacchus told Midas to wash in the river.
Cause: Midas washed in the river.
Effect: For years, people found gold along the river.
Cause: Midas found the lost man under the rose bush.
Effect: Midas brought the man back to Bacchus.
Cause: Alfred was curious about Jenny's green ribbon.
Effect: Alfred asked Jenny why she wore the ribbon.
Cause: Alfred and Jenny liked each other.
Effect: Alfred and Jenny got married.
Cause: Jenny became very sick.
Effect: The doctor came to see Jenny.
Cause: The doctor told Jenny she was dying.
Effect: Jenny told Alfred to untie the green ribbon.
Cause: Alfred untied the green ribbon.
Effect: Jenny's head fell off.
Cause: The turtle and the swans were good friends.
Effect: The turtle and the swans chatted every evening.
Cause: The lake was drying up.
Effect: The swans planned to fly to a new lake.
Cause: The turtle couldn't fly.
Effect: The turtle was worried about how to leave.
Cause: The turtle needed to leave the lake.
Effect: They came up with a plan to carry the turtle.
Cause: People below said the turtle was clever.
Effect: The turtle was proud.
Cause: People below said the swans were clever.
Effect: The turtle became angry.
Cause: The turtle was angry when people praised the swans.
Effect: The turtle let go of the stick to yell at the people.
Cause: The turtle let go of the stick.
Effect: The turtle fell to the ground.
Cause: The turtle was dashed to pieces on the ground.
Effect: The people in the town had turtle soup for dinner.
Cause: Ernie messed up every job he had.
Effect: Ernie was surprised when Mrs. Benson hired him.
Cause: Mrs. Benson forgot to tell Ernie that Jaws died before the family left.
Effect: Ernie thought it was his fault that Jaws was dead.
Cause: Jaws was floating on top of the water in the fish bowl.
Effect: Ernie knew that Jaws was dead.
Cause: Ernie told the pet store owner he needed a fish exactly like Jaws.
Effect: The pet store owner was frustrated with Ernie.
Cause: Ernie thought Mrs. Benson had noticed the fish was not Jaws.
Effect: Ernie was nervous when Mrs. Benson came to his house.
Cause: Mrs. Benson appreciated that Ernie had gotten a new fish.
Effect: Mrs. Benson put extra money in Ernie's pay envelope.

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