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Bridges II Cause and Effect


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CAUSE: The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.
EFFECT: Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps.
CAUSE: The children were bored at the internment camp.
EFFECT: The children started to get into trouble.
CAUSE: His son was disrespectful when his father asked for some water.
EFFECT: The father realized his son needed something to keep him busy; he thought of baseball.
CAUSE: Mary would not share the mushroom with the children.
EFFECT: The children were very angry with her.
CAUSE: Pa was desperate to find food for his family.
EFFECT: He left the children with Mary, and went looking for food and help.
CAUSE: Mary's family had beaten her in the past.
EFFECT: Mary ran away. She wanted to join a family traveling west.
CAUSE: Something scared the horse.
EFFECT: The horse ran away.
CAUSE: The glinting sun reminded the boy of the guard's glasses at camp.
EFFECT: He settled down and hit a home run.
CAUSE: The boy was smaller than the other kids in his regular school.
EFFECT: He was picked last when they chose teams.
CAUSE: The boy was the only Japanese player on his team.
EFFECT: People in the crowd booed when the boy came up to bat.
CAUSE: The men tried to steal the pearl from Xiao Sheng and his mother.
EFFECT: Xiao Sheng put the pearl in his mouth.
CAUSE: The men shook Xiao Sheng.
EFFECT: He swallowed the pearl.
CAUSE: Xiao Sheng moved the rich, green grass to plant it near his home.
EFFECT: The grass died.
CAUSE: Xiao's mother put the pearl in their rice jar.
EFFECT: The rice jar was full the next day.
CAUSE: Xiao's mother's cries pierced his heart.
EFFECT: Xiao, the dragon, kept turning to look back at his mother.
CAUSE: Father's horse fell into a deep ravine.
EFFECT: Father was seriously injured and later died.
CAUSE: Elena is worried that Pancho Villa's men will take Esteban.
EFFECT: Elena hid Esteban in the kitchen cabinet.
CAUSE: Father warned Elena about the future.
EFFECT: Elena took the children and went to the United States.
CAUSE: San Francisco was too cold and damp.
EFFECT: Elena and the children moved to Los Angeles
CAUSE: Los Angeles was too big and crowded.
EFFECT: Elena and her children moved to Santa Ana.
CAUSE: The family needed money.
EFFECT: Esteban got a job picking fruit, and Elena ran a boarding house.
CAUSE: Father died.
EFFECT: Mother went crazy with grief, knocked down flowers and let the birds go.
CAUSE: Pancho Villa's men might steal the horses.
EFFECT: Mama brought the horses into the kitchen.
CAUSE: The family was going to leave Mexico.
EFFECT: Mama gave away everything in the store.
CAUSE: Esteban had to hide from the soldiers near the bridge.
EFFECT: He dressed like the fruit seller's helper.

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