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anatomy and physiology 6th ed. marieb


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A group of similiar cells that perform a common function
Each ______ performs at least one function to help maintain homeostasis
4 major tissue types
Epithelial, connective, muscle, and nervous
Epithelial tissue aka epithelium
A sheet of cells that covers a body surface or lines a body cavity

Glandular epithelium
Small amount of intercellular matrix compared to other tissues
Functions of Epithelial Tissue
Protection, sensory function, secretion, absorbtion, excretion
2 arrangements of epithelium
Membranous, glandular
Covers the body and some of its parts, lines the serous cavities, blood and lymph vessels, respiratory and genitourinary tracts
Membranous Epithelium
Grouped to form the secretory units of endocrine and exocrine glands
Glandular epithelium
What distinguishes epithelial tissue from other tissue types
Cellularity, specialized contacts, polarity, supported by conncective tissue, avasular but innvervated, regeneration
Cellularity (epithelial tissue)
made up of closely packed cells
specialized contacts (epithelial tissue)
desmosomes and tight junctions
polarity (epithelial tissue)
all epithelial cells have an apical surface and a basal surface that are different in structure and function
suppported by connective tissue (epithelial tissue)
basement membrance or basal lamina
regeneration (epithelial tissue)
replace themselves rapidly

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