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Editing Sentences


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we all thinked we needed glue scissors and glitter for our project

(5 errors)
We all thought we needed glue, scissors, and glitter for our project.
john eight bananas oranges and pears for lunch

(5 errors)
John ate bananas, oranges, and pears for lunch.
alfred likes spinach onions and brussel sprouts

(4 errors)
Alfred likes spinach, onions, and brussel sprouts.
us read a book about dolphins sharks whales and eels

(5 errors)
We read a book about dolphins, sharks, whales, and eels.
sydney got out of bed brushed her teeth and eight breakfast

(5 errors)
Sydney got out of bed, brushed her teeth, and ate breakfast.
didnt sue won first prize for her drawing asked tom

(9 errors)
"Didn't Sue win first prize for her drawing?" asked Tom.
my favorite colors is blue and red said shaunna

(7 errors)
"My favorite colors are blue and red," said Shaunna.
mrs erickson had won cup each of sugar flower milk and cornmeal so we could make corn muffins

(8 errors)
Mrs. Erickson had one cup each of sugar, flour, milk, and cornmeal so we could make corn muffins.
is it easy to read i asked

(6 errors)
"Is it easy to read?" I asked.
there are only six children in our reading group exclaimed andrew

(6 errors)
"There are only six children in our reading group!" exclaimed Andrew.
i like to go skiing skating and sliding in the winter said adam

(8 errors)
"I like to go skiing, skating, and sliding in the winter," said Adam.
louis likes two read comic books cereal boxes and wrestling magazines

(5 errors)
Louis likes to read comic books, cereal boxes, and wrestling magazines.
will you please go to the store and buy some sugar flour milk and eggs asked mrs erickson

(11 errors)
"Will you please go to the store and buy some sugar, flour, milk, and eggs?" asked Mrs. Erickson.
will mary and ted be partners today asked mrs erickson

(10 errors)
"Will Mary and Ted be partners today?" asked Mrs. Erickson.

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