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Physiology of Endurance Performance TEST 1


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What are the factors that affect performance?
Energy production, Environment, Strength/Skill, Diet, and CNS Function
What are the 2 classifications of fatigue?
Central fatigue and Peripheral fatigue
Central fatigue would be implicated in fatigue if there was:
a reduction in the # of functioning motor units used to perform a task
Peripheral fatigue includes:
Neural factors, mechanical factors, and energetics of contraction
What are the physiological factors affecting fatigue?
VO2 max, Lactate threshold, Movement economy, and Anaerobic capacity
What limits the VO2max?
Respiration, Central Circulation, Peripheral circulation, and muscle metabolism
What is the VO2max range for normal young adults?
Men: 35-55
Women: 30-50
Stroke Volume
volume of blood ejected from the ventricles per beat.

What are 3 factors that cause increase in SV during endurance training?
Increased EDV
Increased contractility
Decreased TPR
Frank-Starling Mechanism
more you fill heart, more it stretches, more it pumps
What 3 reasons explain the increase in EDV (preload)?
Increased venticular volume
Increased filling time and venous return
Increased plasma volume
Possible causes of LT?
Increased production
decreased removal
What could cause increased production of lactate?
muscle hypoxia, stimulation of glycogenolysis by epinephrine, recruitment of FT muscle fibers
What cause cause decreased removal of lactate?
decreased uptake of lactate by liver/kidney and other tissues due to shunting of blood away from inactive muscles during exercise
Internal segmentation
coordination of all body parts and how you use them
movement economy
the energy expended to perform an activity in relation to the external work done (ratio between the two)
efficiency vs. economy
% of E expended that was converted to external work
equipment can improve economy by:
reducing external resistance forces and improving force production
5 Basic principles of training
progressive overload
"use it or lose it"
loss of aerobic adaptations occurs more quickly than anaerobic adaptations

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