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5th Countryside: Earth/Space and Cycles


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What surface feature is most likely caused by the movement of the Earth's crustal plates?
What instrument is used for checking wind conditions?
What are fossils?
Remains or traces of plant or animal preserved in rock.
What factor of the air is usually recorded when gathering data?
A polar ice cap is usually located in what hemisphere?
Northern Hemisphere
Name the four phases of the moon.
Full moon, waning crescent, first quarter, and waxing gibbous.
The most important reason that lakes and oceans have different types of animal life is that oceans have what?
Water with more salt.
The rotation of the Earth on its axis causes what?
Certain storms form over water near the equator. Warm, moist air rises quickly over the ocean, causing a strong, whirling storm with high winds and heavy rains. This is what type of storm?
Weathering can cause what kind of rock to form?

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