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Earth Science


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Which of these charactersitcs identify an Earth Surface that is likely to be the best absorber of insulation?
Dark colored and rough
If the realtive humidity was 65% and the dry bulb was 10 degrees C, what was the wet bulb?
3 degrees C
A gradual increase in Atmospheric Carbon dioxide would warm earth's surface because Carbon dioxide is a
Good absorber of infrared radiation
Why are the beaches that are located on the south shore of Long Island often considerably cooler than nearby inland locations on hot summer afternoons?
A sea breeze develops due to the higher specific heat of waterand the lower specific heat of land.
A sample of wood found in an ancient tomb contains 25% of it's original carbon-14. The age of the wood sample is approximatley
11,400 years old
Landscapes will undergo the most chemical wathering if the climate is
cool and wet
Which rock is foliated, shows mineral alignment but not banding, and contains medium-sized grains of quartz and pyroxene?
During the intrusion of the Palisades Sill, contact metamorphasism changed sandstone and shale into
Which process likely formed a layer of sedimentary rock gypsum?
Percipitaion of sea water.
If the velocity of the stream at point X is 100 cenimeters per second. Which statement best describes the sedimenets being transported past these points? (x is in middle of meander y is on outside)
Some pebbles being transported at point y are bigger than those being transported at point X.
On june 21, where will the sun appear to rise for an observer located in new york state?
North of due east
Soil composed of which particle size usually has the greatest capillarity?
During a dry summer, the flow of the most large New York State streams generally
continues because some groundwater seeps into the streams
At the end of the ice age, the valley now occupied by cayuta creek was a channel for southward flowing glacial meltwater. Into which present-day river valley did this melywater most likely flow?
Susquehanna River
Earth's entire equitorial climate zone is generally a belt around earth that has
low pressure and wet weather
The coldest climates on Earth are located at or near the poles primarily because earth's polar regions
receive mostly low-angle insulation
Compared to an inland location, a location on an ocean shore at the same elevation and lastitude is likely to have
warmer winters and cooler summers
During nightime cooling, most of the energy radiated by Earth's oceans into sapce is
infrared rays
landscapes with horizontal bedrock structure, steep slopes, and high elevations are classified as
Plateau regions
Difference between air temp and dew point = 12 degrees C one hour later difference was 4 degrees C. Which statement best describe the changes that are occuring?
The realtive humidity was increasing and the chance of percipitatio nwas decreasing

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