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BIO 102 Part 3


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In a population of dandelions, a few have genes that result in the production of a bitter chemical compound in the leaves. If the anilms that ususally feed on dandelions refuse to eat the ones with the bitter compound, what will the effect on the "g
In the Miller-Urey experiment, amino acids and organice acids were formed by?
exposing hot water and soem of the gases through to be in atmosphere of the early earth to electric sparks
The first antibiotic that was commonly used on humans was made by??? that used the antibiotic to ???.
fungi, stop bacteria from competing with the fungus for food
Where do the ants that live on a Bullhorn Acacia get their food?
leaf tips and sugar-producing glands on the petioles of the Acacia
An example of the mechanism of evolution is whon by which of the following situations?
The yellow flowers plants in apopulation of yellow and white flowered plants are visited more frequently by bees. After several generations more of the plants have yellow flowers.
Xylem occurs in???
Paralytic shellfish poisoning makes what kinds of organisms ill?
In animals, most speciation has resulted from
geographic isolation
In a population of dandelions, a few have genes that result in the production of a bitter chemical compound in the leaves. If the animals that ususally feed on dandelions refused to eat the ones with the bitter compound, what will the effect on the "
Bogs are formed by
sphagnum moss
The organisms that cause PSP, DSP and ciguatera poisoning belong to what kingdom?
Decomposition by fungi is vitally important because of the release of ??? (to the air) that is later used for ???.
carbon dioxide, photosynthesis
The cells in leaves and stems of mosses are
The young leaf of a fern as it emerges from the ground is called a
The compound thiaminase has what function in ferns?
discourage herbivores from eatting them
The zygote of a fern is fomred on the lower side of the
A mutation occurs which causes a plant to flower 1 month before the rest of the plants in a population of flowers. This is an example of
reproductive isolation
Ciguatera poisoning can result from eating
A map of the areas of Narr. Bay that are closed to collection of shellfish is printed every day in the newspaper. The main reason for areas being closed to shellfish collection is ???
to prevent outbreaks of hepatitis and other diseases caused by bacteria and viruses in sewage
The murchison meteorite contained:
water, 92 kinds of amino acids and lipids that formed a bi-layer and cell-like spheres when mixed with water
Many purplish structures about one inch long protrude from the stalk that bears the grains of the rye plant. These structures are harvested and ground with the grain into flour. What are some likely affects that may result if you eat bread made from this
burning sensation in skin, hallucinations, gangrene
Birds such as those featured in the movie "the Birds" may exhibit aggressive behavior when they ingest a neurotoxin produced by
algae whose cell walls are composed of silica
Monarch butterflies and caterpillars are protected from their predators by cardiac glycosides that
they obtain pre-formed from feeding on milkweed leaves
When we say that two species are related, we meant that they
evolved from a common ancestor
The first cells formed on earth about ??? years ago.
3.8 billion
When the first cells formed on earth, the earth's atmosphere is now though to have been composed primarily of what gases?
N2 and CO2
Batesian mimicry is shown by which example
some species of non-toxic caterpillars have a coloring similar to that of toxic species of caterpillars
Which of the following is/are haploid?
gametophyte of moss AND gametophyte of fern
Arrange in order from most recent to earliest in earth's history: first photosynthesis, rocks form, first eukaryote, first prokaryote
first eukaryote, first photosynthesis, first prokaryote, rocks form
A single dinoflagellate produces a flash of light that is
blue and lasts for about one second
when a fungus grows in a piece of bread, what substanc made by the fungus breaks down the starch molecules in the bread?
extracellular enzymes
What do the ferns and fern allies have in common?
dominant stage is sporophyte
The evolution of new species is
called speciation
The loss of ??? from corals reults in teh disease known as ???.
zooxanthellae, coral bleaching
Collisions with comets are likely to have been a source of ??? to the young earth.
water and molecules of organic compounds such as formaldehyde adn cyanide
Konzo disease occurs in ??? and is caused by ???.
humans, consumption of improperly processed cassava
A devistating disease that changed world history by destroying the irish potato crop in 1845-1846 was caused by
phytophthora infestans
A plant that grows in bogs and uses long, stalked "tentacles" with a sticky drop of fluid to caputre prety is the ??? which occurs in ???.
sundew, rhode island
compounds that discourage herbivores, are bitter tasting, affect the CNS and are present in Yew are also the major type of toxin in what other plants?
members of the nightshade family (tomato, potato, etc)
The oxygen that is a component of the current atmosphere of the earth originated from
none of these (poss answers were volcanoes and deep sea vents, chemotrophic bacteria, evaporating tidal pools, comets)
I am an alga. My cell walls are composed mostly of silica (not cellulse). My name is
In peat moss (sphagnum), most water is stored in
dead cells in the leaves
Ringworm of humans is a ??? infection caused by ???.
superficial, fungi
A chemical defense used against herbivores by members of the rose family is the release of
the diseas called had what result?
coffee rust, english drinking more tea
The seed of ??? contains an extremely potent toxin that is ??? and kills by ???.
castorbean, a protein, stopping protein synthesis
Darwin's difficulty in defending "evolution" was a result of his
being unable to explain teh source of variation and how characteristics could be transferred from one generation to the next
The theory of endosymbiosis explains the origin of
chlorplasts and mitochandria in cells
A reduction in the what harvest of 200,000,000 bushels in North America per year is caused by
A fungus that produces rust-red spores
The variation that is acted on by natural selection comes from
spontaneous generation and sexual reproduction (recombination)
By what means does Phytophthora infestans reach the species that is parasitizes?
spores blow through the air and land on leaves

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