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Global Issues Final Exam Review


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What is the largest megacity?
Tokyo, Japan
What is a population pyramid?
a graph that breaks down the population by age and sex with males on one side of the graph and females on the other side
What is negative net migration?
Negative net migration means that more people have left a country than have entered in therefore, they reduce the population.
Infant mortality
the number of babies in the every 1,000 who do not live longer than one year
What factors determine birth rate?
The less developed a country is, the higher the birth rate because of lack of prevention of birth.
Also, education of people.
The number of women of childbearing years.
What is population momentum?
Increase in population over many years as girls mature into child-bearing women
Involuntary migration
persons forced by dangerous conditions to flee a country or an areas: refugee
Environmental problems
endangered species
loss of land for growing/grazing
loss of wood through logging
industry destroying land
Population density
the number of people living in a square mile or a square kilometer
Environmental Refugees
People who were rural farmers, but have no water or land (due to environmental problems) and move to towns or cities and start a new way of life
International migration
leaving one country and moving to another
harmful build up of salt in soil caused by evaporation of water in or above it
% of arable land
10% of the world's land that is fit for crops is arable
What percent of the earth is water?
70% of the earth's surface is water, but 97% of it is in the oceans (salt water)
Natural Resources
materials in the environment that humans can use or profit from such as:
fossil fuels
unused natural resouces that can be obtained economically with technology
Supply and demand
Supply is what is available and it is often based on
demand which is what people ask for or want
Leading energy consuming nation
United States
Leading consumer nation
Canada is first in using consumer energy and the United States is second
Catalytic converters
devices that remove harmful chemicals from otor vehicle exhaust fumes
Green Revolution
increase in world's food supply since 1950s by developing new high yielding varieties of rice, wheat and corn
desperate shortage of food affecting large numbers of people
How does China discourage new residents?
Charging a high registration fee for new comers
Requiring a work permit to work in the city
Why do people migrate?
Migration happens for many reasons-
lack of way to provide food and housing
war and famine
seeking better living conditions
forced migration
What are renewable resources?
What are some nonrenewable resources/
fossil fuels
What is carrying capacity?
number of animals and humans that the resources of an area can support year after year
loan of a small amount of money
Cooperative Assistance and Relief Everywhere is a private relief agency based in United States since 1945
Three major grains
Rice, wheat, and corn
Global Commercial Economy
The economy of the commercial industries world wide affecting the standard of living for people throughout the world
Frankenstein effect
What we are doing today to improve the world may eventually serve to destroy it
A non-meat eater
plant or animal that results from cross-breeding between two separate species
layering plant debris and discarded fool in piles to promote decomposition and make fertilizer
Where does the largest share of solid waste come from?
plastic products
What is the cause of lead in water?
lead gets into the water through lead pipes which used to be used.
What is a hazardous waste?
solid, liquid or gas that can harm humans or the environment. (eg. chemicals, medical disposals, etc)
measure of energy produced by eating food
a person who believes in and works to conserve and improve the environment
fossil fuel
remains of a long dead organism (plant or animal) that can be burned to produce heat
3 characteristics of a developed nation
low fertility rate
high standard of living
increased life expectancy
decreaesd infant mortality rate
lower population growth
3 characteristics of developing nations
high fertility rates
shorter life expectancy
limited health care
increasing birth rate
increased population growth
Carbon monoxide
colorless, odorless air polluting gas produced by the incomplete burning of fossil fuels
Why is wind power considered clean?
wind power uses the wind to produce electricity with no harmful by products
organic solution
solution to pollution using natural resources without chemicals
What is solid waste?
any human produced item (other than gas or liquid) that we discard or dispose of.
Exxon Valdez
Oil tanker that caused the worst oil spill in US history in 1989 off the coast of Alaska
Why is acid rain a global problem?
Pollution in one country affects another country through the travel of water as rain and in the water systems of the world.
What will the world temperature cause?
Global warming which could disrupt agricultre causing less food to be able to be grown.
Killing of species of fish, birds, insects, etc. that are used in the world to balance the environment
What number of people in developing countries lack good sanitary systems?
75% of the people of the people in developing countries lack adequate sanitation
What is the best method of preventing water pollution?
stopping the pollution at its source or where it begins
How can we prevent soil erosion?
using farming methods that keep topsoil from washing or blowing away such as teracing and contour plowing which slows the runoff of water and soil.
Fossil fuels
Features of globalization?
globalization is the increasing interconnectedness of economics around the world because of transporation,
use of raw materials
How can we cut down on the use of fossil fuels?
more efficiency
better insulation
using light metals and plastics in cars to cut down use of gasoline
using solar power for electricity production
energy efficient electrical applicances
finding alternate energy sources
Reprocessing or reusing a resource
Secular relief agency
a relief agency having no religious connection
Turkey and Greece are fighting over what island?
What are the tactics in guerilla warfare?
hit and run tactics
The US defeated what nation in the Gulf War?
the maintenance of huge military forces and stockpiles of weapons in order to discourage an attack
Where do the Kurds live?
Kurds do not have their own country. They live in Iraq, Turkey, and Iran.
What are the Muslim fundamentalists beliefs about religion and government?
Muslims believe that the government and religion should NOT be separate. One cleric or leader controls the religion and the government
Which World War did we use the atomic bomb?
World War II. It was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945
What are the major groups in Bosnia?
The Congo givens its freedom is an example of.....?
What are some reasons for terrorist attacks?
Ueed to crush opposition
To force control
spreading fear
gain publicity for their cause
The most common tactic of terrorists?
bombs (usually planted in a building or driven to a location in a car or truck

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