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Chapter 12 Test in SS


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Who wrote The Illiad and the Oddysey?
Who was the woman who wrote lyric poetry about friendship and love?
What kind of writer was Aristophanes?
a Greek comedy writer
Who was the father of History?
What was different about Thucydides and Herodotus in the terms of being historians?
Thucydides used primary sources
What did Aristarchus believe about the earth?
That the earth revolves around the sun
Who were the two mathemiticians in geometry?
Pythagoras and Euclid
Who wrote the textbook on geometry that was used until 1900?
This man came wrote this oath that medical professionals still take today. Who is he?
Hippocrates who found that natural causes for diseases
What did Socrates believe the way of knowledge was?
To ask questions.
Why was Socrates sentences to death?
He was accused of corrupting the youth and atheism.
How did Socrates die?
He was poisoned with hemloc.
Who was a blind poet?

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