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ISS Ancient Aliens


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Where are the lines of Peru found?
What did the Sanskrit Texts of India say?
It refered to flying machines that could be in two places at once and had beams of light that could lift people up
What was the significance of the Piri Ries Map?
It showed the coast line of Antarctica before it was covered in ice
What was the famous book Erich Von Daniken wrote?
Chariots of the Gods
How is the bible connected to ancient aliens?
The book of Ezekial describes his encounter of angels that may be interpreted as aliens
What is the name of the texts that describe Enoch's journey?
The Apocryphal Texts
What ancient Mayan ruler was depicted in his tomb as manning some sort of spacecraft?
Lord Pacal
What was the name given to the islanders that were visited by American soldiers during WWII?
The Cargo Cult
Who was the prophet that claims to see angels come down to earth in a flying machine?
Who is the ancient that was supposedly taken by aliens?
Who is considered the father of ancient alien theories?
Erich Von Doniken
Where did lord Pacal reign?
In Palenque Mexico
What city has a pyramid that matches up exacatly with the great pyramid of Giza and has multiple pyramids bulit in a giant square?
Teotihuacan Mexico
What makes Dendereh Egypt special?
It seems to have carvings of ancient light bulbs
What is the name of the oldest known city and how old is it?
Tiwanaku and possibly 17,000 years old
What was the name of the city that has the vast fields of stone blocks spread across the landscape?
Puma Punku
What is the name of the place that has giant stone statues?
Easter Island
What is the name of the flying machines described in the Sanskrit texts of India?
What are painted pictures on stone called?
What is the Rongorongo script?
A form of writing found on Easter Island
What was found off the coast of the a Greek island in a ship wreck?
The Antikythera Device
What do some believe is the first source of electricity?
The Baghdad Battery
What was the name of the US government division that investigated alien sightings?
Project Bluebook
What are the Nascal lines?
geomorphs that when seen from the sky draw out huge figures of animals our people
How long was Enoch supposedly taken by God and what did he do while he was away?
300 years and he learned their language, wrote books, and learned all their names
How long did it take to build the Great Pyramid?
22 years
Could modern engineers have built the Great Pyramids in the time frame that is suggested?
According to the ancient Egyptian texts who built the Pyramids?
Humans and the guardians of the sky
How many statues are found on Easter Island?
Over 800
What was special about the blocks of Puma Punku?
They were cut so precisely that they could have been put together like a giant puzzle, the quality and size of the rocks make suggest machinery was used.
What was the material of the Puma Punku rocks and what makes it so special?
Diotire its the second hardest stone next to diamond
What makes the Antikythera Device so special?
It was dated to around 200 BC and has inter connected cogs and gears.

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