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Centrifugal force
(ANSWER IS TWO WORDS AND SINGULAR) Forces that may lead to devolution (decentralizing) or Balkanization (breaking up) of a state. These may include ethnic differences, uneven development, proruption, allegiance to a substate over the national state (e.g., loyalty to the Confederacy by Southerners)), or even local control when national control is difficult because of distance decay.
Transnational Corporations
These corporations look out for themselves by seeking locations abroad where their labor is cheap and the laws are more lax. They move locations of production often.
Total Fertility Rate
Other than the original way, what is another way population growth is measured?
Thematic map
This term shows certain variables that may be located, compared, analyzed
Forced Migration
Permanent movement compelled usually by cultural factors. Example: Africans because of tribal warfare. Natural Disasters. (Sudan, Cajun Diaspora)
Chain Migration
Migration of people to a specific location because relatives or members of the same nationality previously migrated there. Importance pull factors for migrants.
Map Scale
Distance on the map represents distance on the ground proportionately
A dominant group absorbs or integrates the culture of a less-dominant group. May happen through conquest or through spread of pop culture.
Fragmented State
A state that includes several discontinuous pieces of territory. (Example: Indonesia)
Prorupted State
An otherwise compact state with a large projecting extension (example: Thailand)
Stage 3
This stage of the demographic transition model has decreasing birth rates, low death rates, and a better infant mortality rate; moderate growth. Started large migration to the New World because of European wars.
Centripetal force
(ANSWER IS TWO WORDS AND SINGULAR) What brings people together into a nationality; example- language, customs, history, etc. -- An attitude that tends to unify people and enhance support for a state.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
West vs. East; democracies vs. Communist States. THE ANSWER was AGAINST the ______ Pact ***DO NOT FILL IN THE BLANK!***
Africa and Asia
The fastest growth is occurring in the poorer countries of these two continents; their cities are growing rapidly.
Relocation Diffusion
Example: The quakers - The spread of a feature or trend through bodily movement of people from one place to another.
This country's crude birth rate is lower than ours because of birth control; one-child policy
mortality, war, influx of guest workers, boomer generation
What can population pyramids show?
In world history it has been the significance of this that has gotten city-states to begin within Mesopotamia; in Europe the earliest and largest cities ran on this for necessary transportation.
Folk Culture
refers to the localized lifestyle of a subsistence or otherwise inward looking culture. It is usually handed down through oral ...--More isolated--
Elongated State
A state with a long, narrow shape. (Example. Chile)
the distance north or south of the equator of a point on the earth's surface. This distance is measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds.
The purpose of this is to benefit one group or political party in creating congressional districts.
Cultural Landscape
Religions affect food production-- religions may ban the eating of certain foods. This is in the ______ ______. (fill in the blank)
Functional Region
It has a node or center. Example: Business Territory region that is defined and classified by patterns of spatial interaction or spatial organization. ...
Nation State
An ethnostate (examples are: denmark, israel, japan) The Palestinians want to be a __________. a state in which all citizens share a common nationality OR An independent state or country.
Ethnic religion
A religion with a relatively concentrated spatial distribution whose principles are likely to be based on the physical characteristics of the particular location in which its adherents are concentrated.
Language Extinction
This occurs usually by acculturation or take-over by a hierarchical group.
Deals with a relative location- near by or close to some other place.
North American Free Trade Agreement
Canada, USA, Mexico is all involved in this. Economic balance with trade.
Reference Map
This is used for location purposes for places or regions
Implies economic and political domination. ; Control of territory already occupied and organized by an indigenous society.
Crude Birth Rate
Number of life births per 1000 population (male + female) in a given year
World Trade Organization
Newer than OPEC and aims to decrease world trade barriers.
Distance Decay
Also called "friction of distance" When distance from a core region increases, efficiency or control decreases; The diminishing in importance and eventual disappearance of a phenomenon with increasing distance from its origin.
Census tract
Used by the _____ Bureau to canvas neighborhoods and collect data. (consists of two words so DON'T fill in the blank)
European Union
20 + European States are in this and their last decision was to make the common currency all Euros. This is:
Expansion Diffusion
Examples: Hierarchical (USA in Iraq) , Contagious (Coke/ McDonalds) , Stimulus (The Apple Mouse) --The spread of a feature or trend among people from one area to another in a snowballing process.
Map projection and distortion
Happens when a round surface is made flat; distortion may be in size or shape of land forms, distance between land forms, or in direction.
Compact State
A state in which the distance from the center to any boundary does not vary significantly. (example: Poland)
Universalizing religion
Seeks new members, A religion that attempts to appeal to all people, not just those living in a particular region.
Internal Migration
Migration within a country
A tract or territory enclosed within another state or country.
Carrying Capacity
The resource base of an area supports a sustainable population
Birth Rate - Death rate + immigration - emigration
The formula of a country's population change in one year is : (do not abbreviate)
North Africa and Southwest Asia
Cultural Center for Muslims (country)
We are more ____ and have been more ____ since the 1920s (talking about the U.S.)
Cultural Center for Jews (country)
a small piece of territory separated from the main part of the territory of a state and entirely surrounded by the territory of another state. OR (Small) area outside of the compact national territory.
Warsaw Pact
The military alliances during the cold war. NOT NATO...
Global Positioning System
Used to give EXACT location with satellites. (Not the abbreviation)
Natural Increase
Birth Rate - Death rate=
World Population Distribution
The concentrations of this term are in the Northern Hemisphere (larger land masses, better climate are the reasons why)
Sun Belt
Population is shifting from the Rust Belt to the ____ ______, as businesses seek cheaper land, lower costs. Federal government has spent more money in the ____ _____ in recent years, and elderly have sought retirement in the ___ ______.
Popular Culture
culture and knowledge passed on through mass media, magazines, television, radio, Internet. OR consists of widespread cultural elements in any given society. Such elements are perpetuated through that society's vernacular language or an established lingua franca. ...--Spread by diffusion--
Deals with a description relative to physical features- like near a harbor or mountain
Geographic distance east or west of the prime meridian expressed in degrees and minutes.
Guest Workers
These people come from other countries for money and cannot stay permanently.
Thomas Malthus
Who had the theory that Food will increase arithmetically; population increases exponentially; food WILL run out.
Cultural Extinction
This is a problem in places like the rainforest because mankind may lose knowledge about the ecosystem and medicinal customs.
Crude Death Rate
Annual number of deaths per 1,000 population.
Family to branch to group to language to dialect
Parts of language are?
Geographic Information System
(not abbreviation) This system uses layers of computer data. Organizes information such as the geographic setting of streets and neighborhoods; used to organize/ analyze/ observe the geographic information collected.
Net migration
Immigration - emigration =
15 degrees
A new time zone is every how many degrees? (take note: China does not use the international time zone)
Federal State
Example: U.S. -- Power is shared by Central government and its sub-state territorial units (state, country, etc.) ; An internal organization of a state that allocates most powers to units of local government.
Cultural Center for Hindus (country)
Formal Region
An area organized around a focal point/ node (center). Uniformity and shared characteristics; like citizenship
Stage 2
This stage of the demographic transition model has high birth rates, low death rates, and high growth.
Unitary State
Central government has the power. (Example: Russia) An internal organization of a state that places most power in the hands of central government officials.
Great Britain and France
Who were the major colonial powers in Africa?
Stage 1
This stage of the demographic transition model has a high birth rate, a high death rate, and low conditions/ outcomes.
Mesopotamia, China, India, Mexico
Where were the early cultural hearths? (sorry the names are in a certain order and you have to get it in that order... so if you get all of them in a different order just consider it right.)
Cultural Ecology
This is the study that deals with the relationship between the earth and humans; the outcome of this relationship is the cultural landscape.
Brain Drain
Countries lose educated, talented emigrants (true for many Asian countries)
World Population Distribution
What is basically the term (consists of three separate words) that means the pattern of where people live.
Involves being ruled by the mother country. Attempt by one country to establish settlements and to impose its political, economic, and cultural principles in another territory.
place name: the name by which a geographical place is known
What is the term that involves the evolving character and organization of earth's surface?
(TWO WORDS WITH - IN BETWEEN) A substate wants to rule itself. Example: Chechnya, Quebec in 1955, Palestinians since 1948
Vernacular Region
It varies according to what the criteria is or who you ask. Example: The Midwest. --Also known as perceptual region; an area that people believe to exist as part of their cultural identity.
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
They organize how oil is distributed and taken from countries within the Middle East and Venezuela. , emerged as the major petroleum pricing power in 1973, when the ownership of oil production in the Middle East transferred from the operating companies to the governments of the producing countries or to their national oil companies. ...was set up in 1960 to co-ordinate prices and supply policies of the major petroleum exporting countries. The UK is not a member.
Boston to Washington
Our core area is from ______ to _________ (make sure you include the word "to" in between your two answers)
Perforated State
A state that completely surrounds another state. (Example: South Africa)
stage 4
This stage of the demographic transition model has a low birth rate, a low death rate, a stabilized condition and low growth. Involves urbanization and even falling birth rates in some countries.
Religion, language, ethnicity
What are the causes of clashes between groups?

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