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Prehistoric People


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Cro-Magnon People
Lived about 10,000 years ago during the Neolithic Age (New Stone Age).
Ice Age
It was at it's height around 16,000 BC. It made the swelling of the poles (north and south) which allowed the continents to become connected and man could now migrate eastern and southern africa. The moving glaciers created and exposed land bridges.
3 Characteristics: 1) Able to produce surplus food. 2) Large towns with governament (people need to protect the stuff they had now) 3) Able to perform different jobs (specialization: becoming an expert at just one job (could barter, didn't have to know how to do everything))
5 Themes: Human-environmental Interactio
How we use, adapt, and change to the environment (wind turbines, wear clothing, build dams)
Neanderthal Characteristics
They buried their dead with important objects (early signs of religion). They gathered simple foods and hunted for meat, therefore nomads. Moving around=hard life & help spread cultural difusion. They also made the Pitfall System (Pit covered in leaves, animals fall in and get trapped) = safer & easier huntung, less time used.
5 Themes: Regions
We use this to group things that we are studying. For example, if we were studying rainforests then we would pick out all the places that have a rainforest like environment and that would be the new region we study. If we were studying this then we wouldn't pick out a place that has a desert like envioronment.
5 Themes: Location
Absolute:exact location of a specific place on the earth's surface (address, room #) Relative:The location of a place in relationship to something else (my house is by the library)
Cro-Magon Tools
They were skillfull weapons and tools makers. Ex:spears, burin, fishhooks, bow & arrow. Made their tools & weapons out of bronze & iron=they were better, stronger, more efficient, longer lasting.
Paleolithic Language
They went from simple sounds and pointing to a simple and functional language base which *allowed people to work better together, share ideas, and pass on a verbal history*. Therefore *more free time*.
5 Themes: Movement
How people, goods, and ideas get from one place to another (boat, plane, word of mouth, computer, mail, tv, etc.)
Paleolithic Clothing
Clothing: (animal skins) Allowed man to live in all sorts of environments, making them live longer because the body is protected and can migrate farther.
Cro-Magnon Houses
Made out of sun-dried bricks and wood (shelter=safer, more comfortable, *they stay in one area*) They had post-and-lintel -- crossbeams (more support, hold up the house, bigger & stronger houses) No doors (the doors were on the roof, for protection, safety, and to keep animals from getting inside)
Paleolithic People
They lived during the Paleolithic Age (Old Stone Age) which was around 2.3 million years ago. They lived in small bands of 20 or 30 people, making it easier to survive. (safety in #'s, easier to get food and work) They were expected to live for only about 20 years, because they had bad diets and health care, and didn't have very much safety.
3 Kinds: 1) Homo habilis-means "skillful man". These were the first people on earth. 2) Homo erectus-means "man who walks upright". 3) Homo sapiens-means "man who thinks". This is what we are today.
Agricultural Diffusion
The shift of food gathering to food producing. Gatherer>grower=agricultural revolution. Chaser>herder=domestication. People could now live in one area because they didn't have to search for food. Could now make houses!!!
Cro-Magnon Developement of Religion
How do we know religion developed in the Neolithic Age? a) Religious ceremonies became more complex. b) They created gods and goddesses. c) They built seperate places of worship-shows importance
Daily Life of the Paleolithics
Tools-learned to make tools out of rocks and sticks, making work easier and more free time. Fire- used to keep warm and dry=better health and can migrate farther from the equator. =used as a weapon, makes life safer. =let them cook meat, made eating easier and faster allowing more free time and a better diet. Men did the hunting, women and children did the gathering.
5 Themes: Place
How you describe a place on earth using physical and human characteristics (mountains, climate; language)
Cro-Magnon: Nomads > Farmers
They could stay in only one place (=create civilizations, larger bands, creation of governament) because of domestication (taming of animals for work and food) and irrigation (bringing water to the fields).

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