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Geography 2


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What is remote sending?
Satelites are tools used for remote sensing. To view from afar.
How many time zones are there?
There are 24 International Date Lines.
What is Irredentism?
The State seeks to acquire ethnically similar people to stir up problems of other countries.
What is formal region?
The region that has certain properties. Aka, as Uniform or Homogeneous regions.
a given point on earth's surface.
What is Desertification?
The expansion of the desert into neighboring lands due to the environment.
Talking Western Extension of Europe are:
W- Euroasia
E-Ural Mountains
West Central
What is Supernationalism?
The voluntary association of three or more countries. This includes auch association involving economic, cultural, and/or political spheres. To giv eup sovereignty for betterment of their union?
The 4 Basic Traditions of Geography are:
-Earth Science
-Spatial Organization
What is a megalopolis?
That are super-cities that are clustered together like Boston-Washington.
In Europe:
-high literacy rates
-high taxes
4 landlocked countries are:
Germany, Autria, Czek, and Hungry
The sea:
made transportation great for trading of imports and exports.
What is Complementarity?
Regional complementarity exists when 2 regions, through an exchange of raw materials and/or finished products, can specifically satisfy each other's demands.
Ireland is:
its own entity and has no resources.
What is Core Acres?
Core acres is where major production-manufacturing is produced. It is the most productive region with the greateest centrality and accessability and might contain the capital city as well.
What is agriculture?
It is the world's leading occupation.
Rome is known as what?
the Vatican City with catholicism.
What is Biomes?
This is a terrestrial ecosystem that occupies an extensive geographical area, and is characterized by a specific type of plant community (deserts), and a macro-scale vegetation region.
What does Greece need in order to survive?
What is pangea?
What is Transferability?
It is the capacity to move a good from one place to another, and at a barable cost; the ease with which a commodity may be transported
United Kingdom is made of what countries?
England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.
What is hydrosphere?
Hydorsphere is all the water on the surface.
What is Maritime?
Anyting that pertains to the sea.
What is a Third World Country?
It is an underdeveloped countries that lack significant resources.
What is CBD?
Central Business District is the cultural core with the concentration of tall buildings and businesses.
What is Multi-lingual?
Multi-lingual is speaking more than one language as in Switerland where there are many languages spoken.
What is UDC?
Under Developed Countries suffer seriously from negative economic and social conditinos, including poor nutrtion, inadequate health, and relative disadvantaged circumstances.
What is Uniligual?
It is having only one language as in Austria is unilingual with German only spoken.
What is Berlin?
Berlin is an artifical capitol.
What are the lowland countries of Europe are:?
Prime Meridian is located where?
Greenwich, England from which the longitude is measured east and west.
What is Balkanize?
To break up into smaller and often hostile units. Describes a politically fractured regionor area.
Whatis continental Drift?
The slow movement of continents controlled by the processes associated with Plate tectonics.
What is Primate City?
It is a city almost twicxe in size as it's domestic rival.
What is Rainshadow Resource?
It is the relative dryness in areas downwind of mountain ranges.
Weather vs. Climate?
Weather is what the conditions are outside the door and Climate is what the conditions are over a region.
What is the cultural capitol of Europe?
Paris, France is.
What is latitude?
Lines of latitude are parallels that run east and west but measure the North and South distance.
What is Hinterland?
The area that is dependent upon the city. Water abbriviates our hinterland. It also has shrunk due to urban sprawl and traffic.
What is Culture?
Culture is a particular form or stage of civilization or anything that can be passed on to the next generation.
What is region?
Region is common term that is used to decribe a surface that is marked by certain properties or displays specific elements of uniformity.
Borders of France are:
-Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany,
Switzerland, Luxenberg,
United Kingdom (across the water)
What is relative location?
It is how cities react and interact with each other.

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