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Social studies Final Exam


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When did the cold war end?
How did the Cold war end?
The collapse and breakup of the S.U.
When did the Cold War start?
What is a Super Power?
A nation that has the power to influence smaller nations.
What is Capitalism?
Private ownership of land and business.
What is Communism?
Government ownership ofland and business.
What is the Iron Curtain?
A word by Churchhill to describe the division between E. and W. Europe.
What was the Marshall Plan/ European Recovery Program & its Puropse?
Called the nations of Europe to draw up a program for economic recovery. Purpose- To prevent spread of communism.
What was the "Red Scare?"
Caused by American fears of a Communist conspiracy to overthrow the Gov.
Who won the cold war?
Why did the U.S. win the Cold War?
Satlin gives up W. Berlin and does not allow spread of Communism.
When did the Korean War begin?
June 25, 1950
Why did Korea divide?
To avoid conflict between the two wartime allies.
Where was Korea divided?
along the 38th parallel- Soviets in the North & U.S. troops in the South
What were successes of the Korean War?
*Communist forces were removed from south Korea. * Containment occured without nuclear war.
Define Conformity?
Going with the flow and following the rules.
Why did U.S. get involed in the Korean War(How did it all start)?
End of Cold war when North Korea invaded South Korea. -Reupublic as South, Democrat as North...U.S. acted out of agression.
The GI Bill of Rights did what...? (Post WWII)
-Fueled the post-war economic boom - Created the modern middle class
The Growth of the Suburbs *Per Capita Income ____
The Growth of the suburbs also encouraged the _________.
Baby Boom
What was the Bay of Pigs Invasion? (Cold War)& who planned it?
Intended to provoke popularity for an uprising against Fidel Castro. Dwight Esienhower planned it.
Who demanded a treaty that would permanently divide the city of Berlin?
Why was the Berlin wall built?
To avoid showdown with the U.S.
Who was the Cuban Missle Crisis against?
Between the U.S. and the Soviets
What did the Soviets do in the Cuban Missile Crisis?
The Soviets secretly built Missile bases in Cuba to defend their alley and match our missiles in Turkey.
What was the Civil Rights Movement?
A movement that lead to the abolishment of dicrimination towards African Americans.
Who was the first person to propose a Civil Rights Bill?
What is Segregation?
Races can not mix.
What is Integration?
Races could mix.
What was the name for the Trial where a man by the name of Oliver Brown sued the school district in Topeka, Kansas?
Brown Vs. Board of Education
Why did Oliver Brown sue the school district?
They wouldn't let his black daughters go there since it was a white school.
How did the Montgomery Bus Boycott start?
Started when Rosa Parks was arrested.
What was the Integregation at Central High School delema in Little Rock Kansas?
President Eisenhower was forced to send the National Guard to protect 9 African American students from white angry mobs.
What were Freedom Rides?
in 1960, Boyton v. Virginia, the S. Court banned Seg. in Bus Stations, waiting rooms, and restaurants.
What were Sit-ins?
When you would sit down at a segregated lunch table and refuse to leave until served.
What did the Civil Rights Bill do?
*Prohibited Segregation in public places * Banned discrimination *enforced school integragation
What was the March on Washinton?
It was to focus the attention on JFK's Civil Rights Bill. People marched to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
Who takes over after Kennedy is Assassinated?
Who was the prome suspect of planning the attack on 9/11?
Osama Bin Laden
What was Roe Vs. Wade?
1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.
Who were "Nader Raiders"?
volunteers who helped to turn out reports of the safety of products.
Who was Cesar Chevez?
Hero to the Latinos, fought for better working conditions.
When is Earth Day?
April 22, 1970
Why did Cesar Chevez want to help migrant farm workers?
They were the most exploided workers in the country.
What was the goal of N.O.W.?
to help bring American women into the full participation in the mainstream of American Society.
Who was the U.S. fighting against in the Vietnam war?
North Vietnam
What was the Domino Theory?
If one nation fell to communists then the surrounding nations would also fall.
who became the president of the New Communist which dominated North Vietnam?
Hochi Minh
Who did Eisenhower tell the U.S. to support?
We had to assist South Vietnam
Who became president of the anti- Communist South Vietnam?
Ngo Dinh Diem
Why did people dislike Diem?
He tried to isolate peasants, he insisted people to obey Catholic religious laws.
What was Agent Orange?
killed crops and made people sick
What was Napalm?
a burning jelly-like chemical that ripped off people's flesh
What was the outcome of the Vietnam War?
South Vietnam fell and Vietnam became a single nation under a communist government.
Where was the Berlin Wall located?
When did the Berlin Wall fall?
What did the Falling of the Berlin Wall symbolize?
It symbolized the end of the cold war and the defeat of communism.

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