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Nonfiction Review


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"On Summer"
Lorranie Hansberry

Persuasive Essay on Summer ... "longest days"
"I Have a Dream"
Martin Luther King Jr.

Speech delivered by MLK at black rallies, it spoke of blacks being equal
"Lincoln Preface"
Carl Sandburg

Account of Lincoln and his early adventures before becoming President ... his humanitarianst policy of accepting payment
"Single Room, Earth View"
Sally Ride

Ride, an 'naut describes the view from space
"The Spreading 'You Know'"
James Thurber

Pet peeve essay - critizies "You know" for being overused
"Veteran Returns, Becomes Symbol"
Minneapolis Star and Tribune

John Glenn's decision to fly once again is extolled
"American Hero"
The Birmingham News

Uses antitheses to glorify McGwire's achievements
"In Those Girls, Hope is a Muscle"
Steve Gietschier

Book review of a girls' team
state of being distance, removed, or uninvolved
displaying a patronizingly superior attitude
affectly emotional
cruel exercise of power - unjust
odd dreamlike quality

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