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Social Studies Test


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An inland waterway built for transportation or irrigation
A line that people agree on to separate two places
An area of land owned by a country either within or outside the country's border
A political division of some countries, such as Canada
A substance used to produce energy
A nonrenewable natural resource that is found on the Earth
Non-Renewable Resource
A natural resource that is limited in supply and cannot be replaced, such as a fuel or mineral
Any substance, such as a chemical, that makes air, water, or soil dirty
Renewable Resources
A natural resource that can be replaced for later use, such as a forest
The careful use of our natural resources.
Natural Resource
Something in the environment that people can use.
The second largest country in the world. The cold climate has kept much of the land empty.
Rock Island, Quebec
Both English and French spoken here.
St. Lawrence River
Body of water found in both the US and Canada
St. Lawrence Seaway
Canals that connect rivers and lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. Ships now able to carry cargo through the seaway and to across the ocean. Cost to build shared by US and Canada.
Toronto, Ontario
One of Canada's largest cities. Uses the St. Lawrence Seaway
Third territory in Canada located in the Northwest. Given to the lnuits, the first people to live in Canada.
What is the landscape and resources provided by the Interior Plains?
They are wide plains that stretch for hundreds of mile. It is known for its rich soil (good for farming).
WHat effect does the distance from the equator have on the climate?
The further away from the equator, the colder the temperature is.
What effect does the distance from the ocean have on the climate?
Places far from the ocean have hotter summers and colder winters. Oceans stay cool in the summer and don't get cold more slowly than land, so if you live near the ocean, the temperature will not vary as much.
What effect does elevation have on the climate?
The higher above sea level a place is, the colder its climate usually will be.
Name three renewable resources and explain why they are renewable.
Forest because trees can be replanted.

Soil because farmers plant new crops and fertilize.

Water because it is returned to Earth when it rains.
Are solar power and windpower renewable or non-renewable resources?
Name two non-renewable resources
Minerals and fuels
Non-renewable resource. A natural substance found in the earth, such as iron, silver and copper.
Are fuels renewable or nonrenewable resources? Name three types of fuel.
Non-renewable. Oil, natural gas, and coal.
Name some things fuel is used for.
Heat our homes, plow fields, cook meals, power cars and planes.
What can minerals be used for?
To make steel, coins, and jewelry

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