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Art History 1 S07: Early Christian


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True or False: Constantine was the first Christian Roman Emperor because he converted on his dathbed and his son julian became a devotee of Mithrianism.
Early Christianity has two amin divisions, eastern and western. Name them.
1-Eastern, Greek Orthodox
2-Western, Roman Catholic
Early Christian art displays two main centers of focus. Describe them.
One main distinction between Judeo-Christian art and Muslim art is the use of images of creature prohibited by the __. Muslims draw this line by prohibiting images of anything with a __.
1st commandment, face
The Ark of the Covenant contained the tablets of the Ten Commandments given to __ on Mt. __ and was guarded by __.
Mose, Sinai, cherubim
The Jews were captive in Babylon until released by the __.
In Mithrianism, Mithras is born of a __.
Explain the Mithrian creation story.
The world is created from the blood of the bull Tauroctany slain by a god named Mithra.
A __ is an underground burial chamber.
A __ can be any large room where the Torah is kept and read publicly.
Name the three Cycles of the Iconography of the life of Jesus.
1-The Incarnation Cycle and the Childhood of Jesus
2-The Public Ministry Cycle
3-The Passion Cycle
What is the difference between a church and a cathedral?
Every town only has one cathedral, which is where the bishop resides, all others are churches.
Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in __.
Name the six parts of the Basilica plan church.
apse, transept, aisle, nave, narthex, atrium
Christian Typology is the process of connecting persons in the old testament with ones in the new. Cite two example of Christian typology.
1-Abrahams willingness to sacrifice Isaac||to God sacrificing Jesus
2-Noah's flood ||baptism
Czar is a contraction of the term __.
Russian rulers of the 15th century declared __ to be the third Rome.
Bysantine artistic conventions:
1-elongated figures
2-flattened space; space between picture and you
3-bloodless color
Early Christian images used three basic forms to describe Jesus. What are they?
1-Jesus as a young man/good shepherd
2-Jesus as philosopher/raised hand
3-Jesus as pantocrater/ruler of the universe
Paul was a Jewish Lawyer sent to Damascus to prosecute Christians. On the way there he was struck __ and then converted to become one of the main intellectual supporters of early Christianity.
One difference between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox Christianity is that the Roman version was headed by a __ who was considered a religious leader, while the eastern version was headed by a __ who was considered a political as well as religiou
pope, patriach
Name the customary symbol for the following four evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Matthew-man, Mark-lion, Luke-ox, John-eagle
The famous emperor at the height of the Byzantine empire was __. He was the ruler who built the Hagia Sophia.
Iconoclasm is the practice of __ images. Waves of iconoclastic activity account for the fact that very few early Christian images survive to the present time.

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