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Freedom Summer
CORE and SNCC worked to register African Americans to vote in the Couth, recruited college students, mostly white an 1/3 female
American Indian Movement. demanded greater rights for Native Americans, use violence to make its point
Plessy v. Fergusson
supreme court decides that segrigation is equal as long as facilities were seperate but equal
De Facto Segregation
segragation that exists by practice and custon, harder to fight, increades as African Americans moved to the Northern cities, whites left cities
La Raza Unida
The United People Party. stated by Jose Angel Gutierrez, political movement, the party ran Latino candidates and won many positions in city government offices
Civil Rights Act of 1968
this law banned discrimination in housing, the segregation of education, transprotation, and employment, it helped African Americans gain their full votin rights.
Betty Friedan
author, wrote book calle "The Feminine Mystique, book expressed the discontent that many women wre feeling, book helped to unite a number of women throughout the nation
Civil Rights Act of 1964
outlawed discrimination based of race, religion, national origin, and gender. it gave the government more pwer to push for school desegregation
Phyllis Chlafly
against ERA, called ERA the work of radical females
Votion Rights Act of 1965
law eliminated state laws that prevented African Americans from voting
Cesat Chavez
Leader of the Mexican-American farm workers, believed farm workers should organize into a union, helped establish the National Farm Workers Association, merged this group with the Filipino agricultural union, together they formed the UFWOC(United Farm Workers Organizing Committee), stated nationwide boycott of grapes becasue California grape growers refused to recognize the farm workders union. Plan worked.
Freedom Riders
civil rights activists who rod buses through the south in the early1960s to challenge segregation
Brown v. Board of Education
supreme court case that ruled seperate schools for whites and blacks wer unequel-thus unconsitutional
Black Panthers
political party formed by African Americans to fight police brutality. They urged violent resistance against whites. Many whites and moderate African Americans feared the group.
white middle-class youths, called hippies. New Left, against Vietnam War, turned back on America becasue they believed in a society based on peace and love. rock'n'roll, colorful clothes, and the use of drugs, lived in large groups. lived in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbuy district becasue of the avalibility of drugs
the belief that women should have economic, political, and social equality with men
national Organization for Women, created by Betty Friedan, creation of chile-care facilities, ban gender discrimination in hiring
Kener Commission
Studied the causes of urban violence, 1968 it stated that urban violence came from white racisn
New Right
opposed ERA, focused on social, cultural, and moral problems, opposed gevernment paying for daycare
Indian Education Act

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