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American Indian Movement (AIM) promoted "red power" It led Sioux in occupying a tiny village in South Dakota.
promoted "red power" It led Sioux in occupying a tiny village in South Dakota.
founder of the containment doctrine said his ideas applied to Europe but not Southeast Asia.
Environmental Protection Agency
oversees federal guidelines for air pollution, toxic wastes, and water quality
Rolling Thunder
first stage of bombings
Tonkin Gulf Resolution
two Am. ships had been attacked and this resolution ordered that the president take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the US to prevent further aggression
Civil Rights Act of 1964
outlawed discrimination in hotels, restaurants, and other public accommodations. It required literacy tests for voting as well.
Educational Amendments Act of 1972
affirmative action was instituted in colleges to ensure equal opportunities for women.
Tet Offensive
Viet Cong attack in which they launched assaults throughout South Vietnam on Americans and civilians. It destroyed any hope left for the war. Johnson's popularity declined to 35 percent.
restrained competition between Soviets and US or peaceful coexistence
Greensboro sit-ins
started a decade of civil rights activism signalling an end to apathy plaguing college campuses and the youth
National Organization for Women (NOW)
group founded by Friedan and activists seeking to end discrimination in the workplace as well as legalizing abortion and acquiring support for childcare centers.
Free Speech Movement
led by Mario Savio it protested on behalf of students rights. It spread to colleges throughought the country discussing unpopular faculty tenure decisions, dress codes, dormitory regulations, and appearances by Johnson administration officials.
policy of equipping and training of the South Vietnamese to fight for themselves
Alexander v. Holmes County Board of Education
end to segregation
Stonewall Inn
site of a gay rights protest where police invaded and killed people
Shuttle diplomacy
multiple fast-paced diplomatic talks
Students for a Democratic Society
Hayden and Haber founded this group in which many activists discuss the absence of individual freedom in modern American life.
26th amendment
18 year olds can vote in all elections
Camp David Accords
agreement calling for Israel to return all land in the Sinai in exchange for Egyptian recognition of Israel's sovereignty. Egyptian Sadat agreed and was labeled a traitor
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
administered a ban on job administration by race, religion, national origin, or sex.
Voting Rights Act of 1965
ensures that all citizens the right to vote.
Nixon's diplomatic advisor who visited China and America to decide to recognize Communist China as the government thus agreeing to scientific and cultural exchanges
city where a civil rights riot broke out in the wake of intense civil rights legislation.
Malcolm X
black power spokesman who was Muslim as well. He was assassinated in 1965 after writing an autobiography.
United Farm Workers
represented Mexican-American migrant workers in unions
Stokely Carmichael
head of the SNCC making a separatist philosophy of black power as the official objective of the organization
Cesar Chavez
led UFW and grape strike
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks SALT
Nixon and Brezhnev limited the amount of ICBMs and other missiles that either country could build.
used oil as a political and economic weapon.
Gay Liberation Front
organization for gays
young activists committing violence and disruption by killing and bombing wildly.
antifeminist who uged women to instead embrace their God-given roles as wives and mothers and not be anti-family, anti-children, and pro-abortion.
Black Panthers
a self-professed group of black urban revolutionaries.
Containment theory
pledged US opposition to the advance of communism anywhere in the world. Johnson claims we've promised the Vietnamese freedom. We must stay there and fight.
they crowded in Chicago trying to start anarchy in which free sex, drugs, and education prevailed.
Bettry Friedan
major 60s feminist writing The Feminine Mystique launching the Second Feminist Movement.

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