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Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Aug. 1964-North Vietmanmes ship attacked US ship in the Gulf of Tonkin-allowed the President to take all necessary meaures to repel any armed attack or to prevent further agression
Great society program
"war on poverty" Medicare/medicaid/office of economic opportunity/ HUD
Counter Culture/hippies
"dropped out"-lived in groups/communes/rock music/drugs/peace, justice/long hair etc.
Civil rights/liberties
Malcolm x, Dr. King, Black Panthers
Voting rights act,
Dr. MLK Jr. Assassination
April 1968 Memphis, Tenn.-to support black sanitation workers killed by a white man
Miranda vs. Arizona
You have the right to remain silent
protected rights of all citizens to vote
Robert Kennnedy Assassination
JFK's brother -ran for president in 1968-killed by a Palestinian who opposed his support for Israel-Kennedy
Malcolm X Assassination
1065 changed to want equality not superiority-killed by a black muslim
24th amendment
Abolition of Poll Tax
Tet Offensive
Jan. 1968 - Vietcong launches surprise attacks on cities throughout South Vietnam-Vietnamese New Year's Holiday

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