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5. Chapter 6 Endomembrane system: regulates protein traffic and performs metabol


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the eurkaryotic cells are part of the endomembrane system, which carries out a variety of tasks in the cell like.....
-protein synthesis
-transport of protein (insertion into membrane or oganelle or export)
-metabolism and movement of lipids
-part of the nuclear envelope -ER - Golgi -lysosomes -vacuoles -plasma membrane
The Endoplasmic Recticulum: Biosynthetic Factory or ER
is such an extensive network of membranes that it accnts more than half the total membrane in many eukaryotic cells.
the ER is with in
cytoplasm and looks like a little net.
The ER consists of
membranous tubules and cisternal sacs.
Cisternal sacs hold water and ER contains lumen which are open spaces.
They are continuous w/ the nuclear envelope.
What are the 2 types of ER?
smooth ER
rough ER
smooth ER
(found in the liver) functions in diverse ...
metabolic processes, which include synthesis of lipids, metabolism of carbohydrates, and detoxification of drugs and poisons.
Enzymes of the smooth ER are important to synthesis of
lipids, including oils, phospholipids, and steriods.
In the liver smooth ER detoxifies drugs and poisons because it has a
high concentration.
What is proliferation of the smooth ER of the liver?
Give an example.
Is over exposure of a drug or poison which increases tolerance. Ex. alcohol and many other drugs.
smooth ER stores ________ in muscle cells.
smooth ER metablizes ________.
Many types of specialized cells _______ ________ by ribosomes attached to Rough ER.
secrete proteins
_________ are produced and threaded into the rough ER lumen
The proteins that enter the ER lumen and convert to
Glycoproteins are secreted by transport vesicles from the ER to the _______ _________.
golgi apparatus.
Transport vesicles and the proteins they carry creates ______ ________ ________.
plasma membrane growth.
The golgi apparatus serves as a _________ and ________ center to the cell.
shipping and receiving
The receiving end of the golgi apparatus is located
near ___________ ER.
The receiving end of the golgi apparatus is called ____ face.
cis facee
While in the cis face of the golgi apparatus glycoproteins and phospholipis are ________.
Production of ____________
are happens here too.
Ex. pectin from pears
The shipping part of the golgi is located near the ____ _________.
cell membrane.
The shipping department ships finished product to organelles or plasma membrane via _______ _______.
transport vesicles.
shipping department is know as the _____ face.
Lysosomes is a membranous sac of hydolytic _______ that an animal cell uses to digest all kinds of macromolecules
It's basically a bag of ______ enzymes.
lysosomes work best in ____ enviroments.
If lysomal enzymes are best in acidic enviroments than that means to it reguires ____ optimal pH.
Lysosomes are manufactured in the ______ ER.
Lysosomes carry out intracellular digestion _________ like in ameabas and macrophage.
lysosomes also use their hydrolyc enzymes to recycle the cells own organic materal, a process called _________.
What is a non -functional lysosomal lipase that accumulates lipids and impairs the brain.
Tay- Sachs disease
Vacuoles are
diverse compartments of plant cells.
Vacuoles carry out _____.
There are three types of vacuoles.
*Food vacuoles> Phagocytosis
*Contractile vacuoles> osmoregulated
*Central vacuole
Central Vacuole have ______' selectively permiable membrane and protein storage in _____.
Central vacuole also has disposal site for _______ and flower petal _________ storage.

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