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calculated risk
- an action that may fail but has a good chance to succeed
call a spade a spade
- speak bluntly
call it quits
- stop, finish
call of nature
- the need to go to the toilet
call off
- cancel
call on
- visit someone
- ask someone to participate or contribute something
call on to the carpet
- call someone before an authority to be scolded or reprimanded
call someone`s bluff
- challenge someone to prove what they say is true
call the shots
- be in charge, give orders
cancel out
- destroy the effect of something
can of worms
- a complicated situation or problem
can`t see the forest for the trees
- unable to judge or understand the whole picture because you are looking at the small parts of it
card up one`s sleeve
- a plan or argument kept back to be produced if needed
(in) care of someone
- send something to one person at the address of another person
carrot and stick
- the promise of reward and threat of punishment at the same time
carry on
- continue, keep doing as before
carry out
- put into action, accomplish
carry over
- save for another time
carry the ball
- take the most important or difficult part in an action or business
carry the day
- win or be successful
carry the torch
- show loyalty to a cause or a person
-to be in love with another person for a long time
carry through
- put a plan into action
(a) case in point
- an example that proves something or helps to make something clear
cash cow
- a good source of money
cash in
- exchange something for money
cash in on
- see and profit by a chance
cast pearls before swine
- waste something valuable on someone who doesn`t appreciate it
cast the first stone
- be the first to blame someone
castles in the air
- daydreams
cat burglar
- a burglar who enters a building by climbing a wall etc.
cat got your tongue
- can`t talk
- a situation where whatever you do the outcome will be bad, a no-win situation
- in any way possible
catch on
-become popular
-to understand
catch your eye
- attract one`s attention
caught red-handed
- find someone in the middle of doing something wrong
caught short
- not having enough of something when you need it (usually money)
cave in
- to weaken and be forced to give up
chalk up
- record as a win or a loss
change horses in midstream
- make new plans or choose a new leader in the middle of an important activity
change of heart
- change the way one feels about something
change your tune
- make a change in your story,statement or opinions
(in) charge of something
- be responsible for an activity or group of people
cheat on (someone)
- be unfaithful to someone
chew the fat
chew out (someone)
- scold roughly
chicken feed
- a small amount of money
chicken out
- stop doing something because of fear
chickens come home to roost
- words or acts come back to cause trouble for a person
chime in
- join in (a song or conversation)
chip in
- contribute or pay jointly
chip off the old block
- person who looks or acts like one of his parents
(when the) chips are down
- the time when one faces the greatest obstacles
circle the wagons
- set up a defense against an enemy
clam up
- stop talking
clean bill of health
- the assurance that an animal or person is healthy
clean slate
- having no errors, past acts that are all good
clear the air
- calm down and remove a misunderstanding
clear the decks
- clear away things and prepare for action
clear up
- solve or explain (a problem etc.)
- sports event or movie where the outcome is uncertain until the very end
climbing the walls
- be so bored that you become anxious and frustrated
clip joint
- a low-class business where people are cheated
clip someone`s wings
- limit one`s activities or possibilities
close call, close shave
- an accident almost happens (but doesn`t happen)
close ranks
- come together for fighting, unite and work together
hit close to home
- near to someone`s personal feelings, wishes or interests
coast is clear
- no danger is in sight, no one can see you
cog in the machine
- you are not important but only a small part of a large organization
cold spell or cold snap
- a sudden short period of cold weather (usually in winter)
cold turkey
- stop using drugs (heroin, tobacco, etc.) abruptly and without medical aid
come across
- find something or meet someone by chance
come again
- please repeat, please say that again
come alive
- brighten up and become active
come along, come a long way
- make progress, thrive
make a "come back"
- return to the place you where you started
-to become popular again
it's "coming back" to me
-return to your memory
come between
- disrupt the relationship between (two people)
come by
- get, obtain, acquire
come clean
- tell the truth
(a) come-down
- a lowering in status, income, influence or energy
come down hard on
- scold or punish severely
come down to earth
- stop imagining or dreaming, think and behave as usual
come down with
- become sick with or catch a cold etc.
come full circle
- completely opposite from one`s starting point
come hell or high water
- no matter what happens
come in handy
- prove to be useful
come into
- receive, get possession of
to come into your own
- become to perform or work well because of good circumstances
to come off
- be successful
come on strong
- overwhelm with excessively strong language or personality
to come out with
- say, make known
to come to
- begin or learn to do or feel something
come to
- regain consciousness (to wake up after being knocked out)
come to blows
- begin to fight
come to grips with
- struggle (successfully) with an idea or problem
come to light
- be discovered, become known
come to nothing
- end in failure
come to your senses
- begin to think clearly or act sensibly
come to pass
- to happen, to occur
come to terms
- reach an agreement
come up with
- produce or find a thought, idea or answer
conk out
- fall asleep quickly with great fatigue
-to break down (like an engine)
cook your goose
- ruin your chances
cook up
- invent, plan and put something together
cool as a cucumber
- very calm and brave, not worried or anxious
cool your heels
- be kept waiting because of another`s rudeness
cop a plea
- plead guilty to a crime in order to get a lesser penalty
cop out
- avoid doing something that you were planning to do
cough up
- give unwillingly
count your chickens before they`re hatched
- assume that something will be successful before it is certain
count out
- leave something out of a plan, exclude
cover one`s tracks
- hide or not say where one has been or what one has done
cozy up to (someone)
- try to be friendly to someone
crack of dawn
- daybreak, early in the morning
- an eccentric person with ideas that don`t make sense to others
crack the whip
- try to make someone work hard or obey you by threatening them
crack up
- burst into laughter
cramp your style
-when someone attempts to limit your talk or action
crash the gate
- enter without a ticket or without paying or with no invitation
cream of the crop
- the top choice
(the) creeps
- a strong feeling of fear or disgust
to creep up on
- crawl quietly towards
crocodile tears
- a show of sorrow that is not really felt
crop up
- appear or happen unexpectedly
cross a bridge before you comes to it
- think and worry about future events or problems before they happen
cross your heart and hope to die
- promise that what you are saying is true
to cross your mind
- to think of, occur to someone
cross to bear
- something you must do or continue with even though you are suffering
cry over spilt milk
- cry or complain about something that has already happened
cry uncle
- admit defeat or that one has lost
(not your) cup of tea
- something you don't enjoy, special interest
curiosity killed the cat
- being too nosy and interested in other peoples business may lead a person into trouble
curry favor
- flatter someone to get his help or friendship

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