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1960s test


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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Democratic candidate in 1960 election w/ LBJ as VP. Won election. The New Fronteir was his vision. Killed 11/22/63 by Lee Harvey Oswald.
New Fronteir
Kennedy's vision of domestic progress in America. Minimum wage fraised from $1 to $1.25. Area Redevelopment Act.
Peace Corps
1961: Volunteers to teach and provide manpower in developing countries.
Alliance for Progress
1961: Financial aid to Latin America.
Dallas, Texas
JFK was killed here on 11/22/63.
Dealy Plaza
JFK was killed here on 11/22/63 in Dallas, Texas.
JFK Assassination
11/22/63, JFK traveled through DAllas in a convertible limo and was shot at Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas from the Texas School Book Depository by Lee Harvey Oswald (suspect) from the 6th floor, but limo also passed grassy knoll.
Grassy Knoll
Shots were also heard from here when JFK was assassinated. Limo also passed this open land area.
Jack Ruby
killed Lee Harvey Oswald before his trail on 11/24/63.
Warren Report
Issued by Wareen Commission: concluded that Oswald acted alone and there was no conspiracy at all in JFK assassination.
Earl Waren
Headed Warren Commission, Cheif Justice, investigated JFK's assassination.
Area Redevelopment Act
used federal funds in needy and porverty stricken regions of the country, especially cities
Berlin Wall
East Germany built the Berlin Wall to protect East Berlin or possibly to keep East Berliners from escaping.
Space Race
1960 to 1969. Provided country with security, had many by-products, next step in rocket development...Pre-WWII Germany has big edge over Russia in rockets...Post-WWII US and Russia get Germany's leading scientist...US gets Werner Von Braun. Russia won!
Werner Von Braun
Germany's leading scientist that US got
Soviets took lead when they launched it on October 5, 1957
Alan Shephard
The US launched him into space on 5/5/61 (but Soviets had man there first)
Kennedy challenged them to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth
Neil Armstrong
1969-Apollo 11-became 1st man on moon
Lyndon Baines Johnson
became president on Airforce One, carried Kennedy/s New Frontier and took it further to make The Great Society, ushed the Civil Rights Act through Congress
Great Society
LBJ took New Frontier Further, began EOA, VISTA, Head Start, Medicare, Medicaid, Model Cities Act
Economic Opportunity Act
aided the poor
Volunteers in Service to America, citizens working in poor neighborhoods
Head Start
gave disadvantaged pre-schoolers a "leg-up" on elementary school
for elderly, made healthcare available to those who couldn't afford it
programs for those too young for Medicare
Model Cities Act
encouraged inner-city slum rehabilitation
Ho Chi Minh
Leader of the Viatnamese Nationalists (Vietminh), on 9/2/45 Vietnam is free from French rule
Vietnamese Nationalists, Communists from N. Vietnam, goals were land reform and a united and independent Vietnam
save Vietnam from Communism
Diem Bien Phu
French Outpost where French surrendered after Vietminh ambushed them (guerilla warfare)
Guerilla Warfare
hit and run tactics
Geneva Conference
Vietnam temporarliy divided at 17th parallel, Vietminh=North Vietnam, Non-Communist Vietnamese=South Vietnam, national elections in '56, US wouludn't sign Geneva peace agreement
17th Parallel
Vietnam temporarily divided here
Domino Theory
If South Vietnam fell to the Communists so would other countries in S.E. Asia, Eisenhower
Eisenhomwer and Vietnam
Domino Theory
Ngo Dinh Diem
US Supported, anticommunist, out of touch w/ people, US aid went to military, not poeple, ran country like it was his personal empire, cancelled elections (w/ US support) and rigged referendum, "won" 98% of vote
National Liberation Front, a.k.a. Vietcong, from South Vietnam, mostly communist, assassinated 2,000 gov't officials in 1960
JFK and Vietnam
he could abandon Diem or deepen US involvement
1963 Buddhist Monk Protest
gathered in Hue to protest Diem's gov''t tropps fire on them, monks set themselves on fire to protest, weekened Diem's popularity and US officials met in secret to overthrow him
Johnson and Vietnam
took strong anticommunist appraoch to war, little success w/ Diem's replacements, needed congressional support, told Congress he needed the power to take all necessary emasures to repel any armed attacked after Gulf of Tonkin
Gulf of Tonkin Incident
N. Vietnamese torpedoed 2 US destroyers here, truth was US warships were helping S. Vietnamese comandos
Gufl of Tonkin Resolution
passed by Congress in '64, not a decleration of war but let LBJ to widen the war
Operation Rolling THunder
Bombins in N. Vietnamn
Ho Chi Minh Trail
network of dirty roads and muddy trails used by N. Vietnamese for supples and troop movement that ran through neutral Laos and Cambodia
neutral, Ho Chi Minh trail
neutral, Ho Chi Minh trail
in South Vietnam, in March of '65, LBJ sent the 1st US troops to counter attack Vietcong attacks here, William Westmoreland was the general, said he needed mroe troops
William Westmoreland
commander of US troops in Vietnam
Yuri Gagarin
April 19, 1961, Russia, first man in space
Ground War Conditions
US went on "search and destroy" missions, heavy equipment, no sleep, heat, bugs, punji sticks, sharp jungle grass, bouncing betty
Puni Sticks
part of ground war, impaled people
Bouncing Betty
part of ground war
used guerilla taticts, US didn't know who was friend or enemy, they knew the terrain and used more than 30,000 mile of tunnles to get around w/o the US knowing, S. Vietnamese peasants supported them w/ shelter, food, and info
US Military Build-up in Vietnam
'65-180,000 US troops
'66-360,000 US troops
'67-500,000 US troops, more than Korea
Agent Orange
defoliant sprayed from planes, removed all leaves and jungle growth so bombers and troops could see enemy, caused skin disorders
Selective Service System
by '65, US was using this, or "draft", after man was 18, they were available for Class 1A, or service, troops were young and inexperienced
Age of Average US Solder
Search and Destroy
missions in ground war
Tet Offensive
1/30/68, aftermath of Tet Offensive, public support for war shifted, members of Silent Majority spoke out against war
baby boom teens, grew up during Cold War, scared of nuke attack, blamed older generation for creating the world they lived in
Generation Gap
differences in attitudes between poeple of different age groups became divisive force in society
people and institutions that represented power, authority, and the status quo
searched for emotional highs in sex and drugs, experimented with free love, public nudity, pill use and veneral disease increased, pot, LSD
1960s Fashion
colors, beads, braids, patches, military surplus clothing
1960s Music
topple Establishment, reform society, Woodstock, The Who, Grateful Dead, Joplin, Hendrix, Neil Young, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Joan Baex, Jefferson Airplane
Anti-War Movement
by mid 1960s, more young Americans joined it, many were part of counterculture, part of New Left, resisted Draft
New Left
a rebirth of Radical politics
Hawks vs. Doves
favor of war vs. opposed to war
Silent Majority
suppored war, tended to be less vocal than anti-war activists
My Lai Massacre
November of 1969, US Forces massacred 350 Vietnamese civilians at village of My Lai
Nixon and Vietnam
US troops invaded Neutral Cambodia
Kent State
Ohio in 1970, Anti-War protest in response to Cambodia invasion, lead to tragedy
Richard Milhous Nixon
Republican Candidate in '68, won
George Wallace
'68 Independent candidate
Robert Kennedy
'68 Democratic candidate, but was shot
1968 Democratic Convention
new '68 candidate is Hubert H. Humphrey
1970 Invasion of Cambodia
Nixon's idea, Kent State protest was a tragedy
Election of 1960
Election of 1968
Hubert Humphrey
'68 Democratic candidate
Peace With Honor
Nixon's Compaign Promise in '68
people in it together, JFK's assassination ruled not one
French Indochina
Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
Magic Bullet
JFK assassination, single bullet theory
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Jim Crow laws abandoned, segregation illegal
small community??
Conscientious objectors
objected to war
avoided military service
Governor Connelly
was with JFK in limo at assassination, mayor of Dallas
N. Viet. capital
Jackson State
May 14 and 15 of 1970, students protesting war, 2 were killed by police and National Guard
John Glenn
w/ Neil Armstrong
MLK and Vietnam
didn't like war
US embassy
Students for a Democratic Society?
Truman and Vietnam
assist French?
Vietcong advantage

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