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old Korean vocab from 9


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혐의 (嫌疑)
íš¡ë ¹ [æ©«é ˜]
usurpation; (a) seizure; dispossession; assumption
배임 [背任]
breach of trust[faith]; malpractice
ì‹ ìž„ (ä¿¡ä»»)
confidence; trust; credence
임명 (任命)
파업 (罷業)
a strike;a walkout
지명 (指名)
선발 (選拔)
selection;choice;picking out;electing
병중 (病中)
be ill in bed; be laid up with illness
의회 [議會]
an assembly;a national assembly
불안 [不安]
uneasiness; uncertainty; anxiety; apprehension;unrest
참석 [參席]
선서 [宣誓]
an oath; parole. swear;
불투명 [不透明]
해임 [解任]
release from office; dismissal; displacement; removal (of a judge)
절대 [絶對]
장악 [掌握]
공산주의 [共産主義]
폭동 [暴動]
a riot;disturbance;uprising;muting
굴복 [屈服]
이유 [理由]
reason; cause
회동 [會同]
an assembly; a meeting; a gathering
동의 [動議]
a motion;proposal;introduction
동의 [同義]
synonymy; the same meaning
동의 [同意]
agreement; consent; assent; approval; approbation
미망인 (未亡人)
시신 (屍身)
a dead body; corpse
충격 (衝擊)
a shock; an impact; an impulse
과정 (過程)
(a) process; a course; a stage; a period
조사 (調査)
an investigation; examination; inquiry
지시 (指示)
indication; directions; pointing out
철저 (徹底)
thoroughness; completeness; exhaustiveness
전사자 (戰死者)
a fallen soldier; a person killed in action
황당 (荒唐)
absurdity; nonsense
사건 (事件)
event; incident; occurrence
용납 (容納)
permission; approval
실수 (失手)
mistake; error
입장 (入場)
entrance; admission; admittance
to be cruel; awful; horrible; atrocious; heartless
be carried; be recorded; be mentioned; be reported; be printed; be registered
여전 (如前)
remain unchanged; be as before; be as (it) used to be; be just as it was
각처 (各處)
every[each] place; all places; various places
총기 (銃器)
small fire arms
해명 (解明)
solution; explanation
즉각 (卽刻)
immediately ; instantly
본국 (本局)
the head[main] office
본국 (本國)
one's own country
추천 (推薦)
near; shortly; soon; roughly
공동 [共同]
union; cooperation; collaboration
창업 [創業]
inauguration of an enterprise; [창립] foundation; establishment
retreat; recede; move backward; draw[pull; fall] back ((from)); back; get away; withdraw
신랄 [辛辣]
bitter; acrid; sharp; harsh; biting; cutting; poignant; pungent; incisive; severe; caustic; vitriolic; acrimonious; mordant; tart.
비평가 [批評家]
a critic; a reviewer
분야 [分野]
a field; a division; a sphere; a branch; one's specialty
개척 [開拓]
reclamation; opening-up of a land; [삼림 지대의] disafforestation; clearing; [자원의] exploitation; development.
업체 [業體]
a (business) enterprise
분기 [分岐]
divergence; ramification; forking; branch (off)
적자 [赤字]
a deficit; red figures
적자 [賊子]
a rebel; a traitor
이자 [利子]
interest(on a loan)
현직 [現職]
the present post(office)
유지 [維持]
maintenance; upkeep; preservation
직원 [職員]
the staff; personnel; the faculty
사장 [師匠]
a master; a teacher; an instructor
순간 [瞬間]
a moment; a second; an instant
관하다 [關−]
be connected[concerned] with; be related to; concern
주변 [周邊]
outskirts; vicinity; circumference; the surroundings; the periphery; the environs
추행 (醜行)
disgraceful[infamous; shameful; scandalous] conduct; a misdeed; scandal
추행 (追行)
following suit
현역 (現役)
active service; service on full pay; commission
육군 (陸軍)
the army; military service
대령 (大領)
사형 (私刑)
a private action;
사형 (私刑) 하다
to lynch; to take the law into one's (own) hands
occasionally; at times; now and then
추산 (推算)
calculation; computation; reckoning
거래 [去來]
transactions; dealings; ((口語)) a deal; business; trade; traffic; sales.
수입 [輸入]
import; importation
수입 [收入]
income; earnings; revenue
가짜 [假−]
imitation; forgery; fake; counterfeit
화폐 [貨幣]
money ;currency; a coin
문관 [文官]
a civil servant
밀수출 [密輸出]
smuggled goods (out/abroad)
선임 [先任]
seniority; predecessor
국무부 [國務部]
the State Department
마약 [麻藥]
narcotics; drugs; dope
밀매 [密賣]
smuggling; illegal sale; illicit traffic
주장 [主張]
insistence; persistence; (an) assertion; (an) allegation; claim
주장 [主掌]
charge; management; administration
a forum
인지 [印紙]
a stamp
인지 [認知]
recognition; (legal) acknowledgment
추진 [推進]
propulsion; drive
소총 [小銃]
small arms; a rifle
수류탄 [水榴彈]
a hand grenade; pineapple
위조 [僞造]
forgery; fabrication
지적 [指摘]
주장 [主將]
the captain; commander-in -chief

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