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History-chapter 3


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*Indo-European-nomadic people from central Asia that conquered the Harappans and moved south across the Hindu Kush
*major mountain range in the plains of northern India
Hindu Kush
*ancient india set of rigid social categories that determined a person's occupation and economic potential and their position in society
caste system
aryans first writing system-1000 B.C-written down for legends, religious chants, and rituals
aryan leader-princes
*priestly class-usually considered to be at teh top of the social scale
warriors-2nd is caste system
*commoners-3rd in caste system
*the caste system that was most of the indian population
*lowest level in indian society and not even considered a real part of the caste system
*the belief that the individual soul is reborn in a different form after death
*enlightenment through meditation-nirvana(union with universe as ultimate goal)-moral life(helped people)-ahimsa(non-violent)-dharma-karma-rejection of piests-ritual-and caste system
the force generated by a person's actions will be reborn in the next life
divine law
ultimate reality
brahman (unchanging, all-pwerful spiritual force)-goal of life:moksha (union w/ brahman)-dharma(religious and moral duties)-karma(all actions that affect a person's fate)-reincarnation-ahimsa(non-violent)-respect for all life
a system of ideas based on the teachings of Laozi
student of confucus-founded doaism
the route that was used to ship silk-was from roman empire to china
silk road
earliet known indian literature passes from generation to generation-written in sanskrit
chinese traveler-buddhist monk-admired gupta rulers-reported the greatness of the indian civilization culture-visited for several years in fifth century
grandson of chandragupta maurya-considered to be the greatest ruler in the history of india-converted to buddhism and used buddist ideas to guide his rule-set up hospitals for people and animals and ordered that trees and shelter be placed along the road
1-ordinary life is full of suffering
2-this suffering is caused by our desire to satisfy ourselves
3-the way to end suffering is to end desire for selfish goals and to see others as extensions of ourselves
4-the way to end desire is to fol
four noble truths
the most important river in india culture
the ganges river
an aryan leader or prince
a method of training designed to lead to such union
people who travel to religious places
longest written poem in any written language
acheving wisdom in the buddist religion
merchants-common people
priestly class
middle path-nedd to know the four noble truths
right view
middle path0need to decide what we really want
right intention
middle path-need to decide what we really want
right intention
middle path-must seek to speak truth and speak well of others
right speech
dont kill-dont steal-dont lie-dont be unchaste-dont take drugs or drink alcohol
right action
middle path-dont kill-dont steal-dont lie-dont be unchaste-dont take drugs or drink alcohol
right action
middle path-must do work that uplifts our being
right livelihood
middle path-do things untill it is completely done correctly
right effort
middle path-think good thoughts
right mindfulness
middle path-must meditate to see the world in a new way
right concentration
eightfold path
middle path
an upper class whose wealth is based on land and whose power is passed on from generation to another
gupta got a lot of economic advances from who?
qin emperor?
qin shihuangdi
qins official ideology?
the government in power
had inspectors who checked on government officials to make sure they were doing their jobs
was built to keep the nomadic people from the north
great wall of china
great wall took a lot of what to build it
effort and many workers
founder of han dynasty?
liu bang
what kind of principles did the han dynasty have?
"martial emperor of han"-added southern regions below chang jiang into the empire-expanded china
han wudi
what inventions did the han dynasty have?
rudder..fore-and-aft...rigging...iron casting
why did the han dynasty decline?
weak rulers-enjoying theirselve-too busy with the pleasures of the poor-civil wars
what were the remarkable achievements of the han dynasty?
finding sculptures & weapons
society under han dynasty?
great prosperity-peasants began to suffer-farming-military and forced labor
qin dynasty-officials gain their positions by:
being appointed of dismissed-instead of inheritance
third philosophy that became popular in china-proposed that human beings were evil by nature
what focused on the fairs of the world instead of the spirits and political?
what was the kep element of the social system of ancient china?
male supremacy
what was china like under the shang dynasty?
mostyly farming society ruled by an sritocracy whos emajor concern was war
what was the capital of the shang dynasty?
they had at least five different capital cities before settling at Anyang
what was the kings role in the shang dynasty?
he could choose and remove leaders-was responsible for defending the realm-controlled large armies
the chang kiang flows across central china and emptys into the _________
yellow sea

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