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PO1 Military Requirements, CH3


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What is CMEO?
Command managed equal opportunity program
How should you handle a complaint concerning equal opportunity?
Handle it swiftly and fairly.
Make sure it is resolved at the lowest competent level the situation will allow.
What does CAT stand for?
Command Assesment Team
What is the purpose of the Command assesment Team(CAT)?
Evaluates how much command members actualy know about equal opportunity.
What is the purpose of the command training team (CTT)?
Assesses the commands compliance with equal opportunity objectives as a whole.
What does CTT stand for?
Command Training Team
Who makes up the CAT?
A cross section of people from different ranks, genders, races and departments.
When does the CTT conduct training?
Periodically or when the command receives a gerat enough assignment of new personnel.
Nonjudicail punishment is better known as _____.
Captain's Mast
What is a NAVPERS 1626/7?
Report of disposition and offense
(Report Chit)
What article under the UCMJ allows a commanding officer to award punishment for small offenses?
Article 15
What article of the UCMJ advises the accused of his/her rights?
Article 31
Who must collect all available facts concerning the offense itself and the background of the accused?
Preliminary Invetigative Officer
What powers does the XO have over a report chit?
He may dismiss it but he can never award punishment.
When must the accused request court-martial?
Before punishment is awarded
What is NR&R?
Navy Rights and Regulations
Who teaches NR&R?
The Command Training Team
Nromally how long is an NR&R workshop?
What are the three ways the CAT collects command info?
Which of the following is more likely to uncover real issues and problems?

Commands may use three methods to enforce equal
opportunity, they are?
Warning (counseling)
NJP (Captain's Mast)
Separation from the Navy
Once an offense has been committed when must punishment be imposed?
Within 2 years of the offense
Who normaly prepares the NAVPERS 1626/7?
Who must ensure the accused is fully advised concerning all legal rights associated with the possible imposition of NJP.
The officer contemplating imposing NJP
What does JAG stand for?
Judge Advocate General
How many types of punishment may a CO award?
What punishment at captains mast is considered the Most severe?
Reduction in paygrade
How long should EMI be assigned?
2 hours per day
How long should detention of pay not exceed?
1 year
What types of pay can be forfitted?
Basic pay
Sea pay
Foriegn duty pay
How long can one be confined to bread an water?
3 days maximum
Who can be placed into correctional custody?
Non-rated personnel
What is considered the least severe punichment at NJP?
Who may receive arrest in quarters?
Warrant officers and commisioned officers
Arrest in quarters means that an officer may not_______.
Exercise authority over subordinates
Can officers receive extra duty?
No. Only enlisted
Can EMI be assigned on Sundays?
Can EMI be assigned on holidays?
Can you be charged a fine at NJP?
When do punishments awarded at mast take effect?
The general rule is immediately but a CO may defer confinement up to 15 days.
How long does the accused have to submit an appeal once punishment is issued?
5 days
What is the Navy's stand on drug use?
Zero tolerance
What is the Navy's most valuable detection and deterrence tool for drug use?
THC is found in what drug?
When are new recruits tested for drugs?
Within 48 hours of arrival
During boot camp all recruits are tested for drugs, If they fail they are seperated immediatley except for the use of ______.
THC Marijuana
How many drug screening labratorys does the Navy have?
Once submitted how many times will your urine sample be tested for drugs?
3 times
Narcotics refers to drugs that contain ____.
A drug abuser under the influence of ________ usually appears lethargic and drowsy or displays symptoms of deep intoxication. The pupils of the eyes are often constricted and fail to respond to light.
Opiates are legally used for what?
What drug is nicknamed smack?
What drug is found in cough preparations?
Morphine is intended to relive _____.
What is the most widely known stimulant in the U.S.?
Amphetamines are classified as _______.
The main trait of _____ abusers is excessive
activity. They are irritable and argumentative, appear
extremely nervous, and have difficulty sitting. In some
cases, the pupils of their eyes will be dilated even in a brightly lit place.
What is street cocaine mixed with baking soda and
water to remove impurities.
What are "Uppers"?
Barbiturates and tranquilizers are classified as _________.
If some one exhibits the
symptoms of alcohol intoxication with one important exception: no odor of alcohol is detected on their breath they are under the influence of what?
PCP and LSD are examples what?
How can users of volatile
chemicals usually be detected?
By their breath
Who must be informed of a Drug Dog inspection or authorized search?
The CO and Dog handler
What is OPNAVINST 5350.4
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control
At what BAC level does a person begin to feel carefree?
BAC .05
AT what BAC level do voluntary motor actions-hand and arm movements, walking, and sometimes speech-become clumsy?
BAC .10
AT what BAC level will a person begin to stagger and may want to lie down? The person may also become easily
angered, may become boisterous, or may weep.
BAC .20
At what BAC level will a person may be confused or lapse into a stupor?
While aware of surrounding sights and sounds, the person has poor understanding of what he or she sees or hears.
BAC .30
AT what BAC level does a person becomes unconscious and may go into a coma? While higher levels of alcohol block the center portions of the lower brain that control breathing and heartbeat, causing death to occur.
BAC .40-.50
Drinking alcohol within a short time before or after taking those drugs can multiply the normal effects
of either the drug or the alcohol taken alone.
When taken at the same time which will the body metabolize first alcohol or drugs?
What does CAAC stand for?
What does DAPA stand for?

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